Are you surfing the internet to seek the best way to earn money online? Are you looking for a mobile application that can bring you a lot of money into your pocket? It's really hard to make money without any investment and without a big struggle. We think making money online would be the easiest way but it's really struggling.

Referring App Best way to Earn Money Online
Referring App Best way to Earn Money Online

Besides those circumstances, we can earn a limited amount of money online easily if we use the apps that provide commission in referring to other users. It is the best way to earn money online in a short period without and hard dedication. If you are an influencer then it's a cup of tea for you, you can refer it to your followers. It really gives you the best experience of earning money online if you can refer it the bigger mass. 

We can also use this technique to earn money online if we are students and have a smartphone just. I will be suggesting the 5 genuine apps that help you to earn money online by referring to your circle. There is a great barrier for Nepali internet users and online earners to withdraw their earnings from foreign platforms and purchase something from foreign sellers. We need the pay pal account or the debit card, master card, etc.

I will suggest you the earning apps that include the refer and earn program with the easiest withdrawal method. You can either top up the earning or transfer to your bank account or load to the wallets like eSewa and Khalti. 

There are many apps that provide you the program of referring and earning but we cannot withdraw the earning easily from Nepal. It's annoying actually we do hard work warn something and we cannot withdraw it easily. We face this problem even in freelancing from Nepal.

We find many fake apps on the internet as well. Apps we find in the play store and apps store are not fake as we talk about legality but we get tired of working in them and we can just earn a little amount of money even working the whole day. 

Therefore suggest you use homemade apps, apps verified by the national level financial institutions like NRB. It's easy to use them and earn money online using the referring program. 

Apps with Referring Programs

I am going to talk about those apps which are 100% legit and verified. I have a big experience of using them. The withdrawal process after earning some amount is easy and convenient as well. 


Cell Pay

Cell pay is a digital debit card that provides you the program of referring and earning. All you need is to download the app and provide your phone number and then follow the instructions to open the cell pay account. Firstly complete your KYC details. KYC stands for all the detailed information that helps the service provider to know you legally. You will find the refer option in the menu and simply proceed with the link, share it with your friend, and circle. When they download the app from your referral link and register as a customer then you will get a certain percent commission.


You need to link your bank account to withdraw the earning. The money you earn referring will be directly deposited into your bank account.



This is an online earning app that helps you to earn money online by participating in the surveys, viewing the ads, like the social media posts, and much more. But it takes a long time to earn money doing so. Here you can refer it to other people and earn rewards through it. It's the fast and the best way to earn money online. You can easily withdraw it in Nepal. You need to complete your account set up and refer it then you will get a commission.



This is the genuine app that is approved by the NRB for digital transactions all over Nepal. This app also helps you to earn money online by referring to others. You might have seen in the Facebook groups that download the app through this link and you will get this amount easily like posts. This is genuine. But the problem is that whenever you believe this and try what they told you do not get anything but they got the referral commission. 


You can earn a lot by referring to this app. The withdrawal process is very easiest; you can top-up, and transfer easily.



This is one of the leading digital wallets of Nepal created by F1 soft Nepal. Since it is verified by NRB and is the digital wallet of Nepal we do not have to bother ourselves to withdraw the earning. You have to register to the eSewa app and fill the KYC form. Then you can refer the app to your friend. This is the best method to earn money online in a short time. You can refer all these apps to your family and create their account. It's all free. 



Khalti - Digital wallet also offers you the program of referring and earning. This app is also similar to the eSewa and cell pay but you get the earned money in your Khalti account, not into your bank account. Khalti and eSewa are similar but cell pay is quite different. Simply download the app, open an account, fill up your KYC and start referring to the friends and family


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Apps with Referring Program which needs PayPal account to withdraw

There are many apps available that offer refers and earn features but you need to have a PayPal account to withdraw the earning. There is no genuine and verified method to make a PayPal account from Nepal but if you have someone in foreign that has a PayPal account then you can use their account for your withdrawal. 


Those apps can also drive you a good online income. Let’s see those apps.


Honey Gain

You may have listened about this app. This is a legit app to earn money online. But the problem is that earning phase is slower than the tortoise walk. You need to use more internet. Its earning depends on how much internet you use. The more you use the internet, the more you earn. A nice method is that, create an account and start referring to the app. When you make 20 dollars in your account then, you can withdraw the money using PayPal. 



This is also an online earning app similar to the premise app. You can make money online using this app but as we know that the earning phase becomes very slow so that we should use refer and earn a feature of the app. You can easily refer to this app after creating an account in this app. The withdrawal process is a little irritating in this app. This app also helps you to earn money online easily by referring.

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Final Words

After doing a lot of research in the field of online earning in Nepal, I have discovered a lot of challenges and inspiring points. Whenever I get the question of how to make money online? and How to earn money online? Then I suggest the most legit and genuine way to earn money online in Nepal is YouTube, Blogging, and Freelancing. However, you can earn money online inside Nepal through other methods but other methods are very annoying and cannot give you the best earning.

It's better to try referring and earning methods rather than surfing the annoying apps and the methods the whole day. I don't say you will earn in very big amount but you can earn at least 10 to 20 dollars in a week.