Hi, I am amazed to know that now I can even sell my old notes and assignments. You can now sell your notes and assignment to students all over the world. Yes, I am talking about a very big free learning and sharing platform StudyPool.  Friends, It's free to post your notes and assignments for sale. Let's discuss how you can earn money selling notes in Studypool.

Earn Money Selling Notes in Studypool
Earn Money Selling Notes in Studypool


Studypool is an online platform that matches students with tutors who can help them with their queries. Studypool gives you access to thousands of qualified tutors that can assist you at any time with any question. You can work as a tutor and even sell your notes and assignment on this platform without any service charge.

It has been featured already in entrepreneur, Forbes, and inc. It is a huge community of millions of students and enthusiastic learners. You can get help posting the questions and earn money answering the questions as well as selling the docs and notes. The main benefit to students is that they can earn money selling notes in studypool.

Benefits of Studypool

  • Seek for the solution posting the questions easily
  • Connect with the huge community of learners
  • Earn money selling your notes
  • Work as a tutor
  • Trusted by millions of learners

How to earn money selling notes in Studypool?

There are two ways to earn money in Studypool. First is selling your old or current note copy and assignment's copy and second is answering the questions posted by other students. There are few things that you should mind selling the notes. You can only upload and offer for sale which docs are owned by you. There is an approval system so that if you upload any copyrighted note and the study materials then it gets rejected.

Studypool says that one can earn up to 5000 dollars in a month. Many top docs sellers have already made more than 1 lakh dollars selling their notes and docs. Let's know how to earn money selling notes in Studypool.

Signup and Create your account

Earn Money Selling Notes in Studypool
Sign-up in studypool

You can easily sign up by Clicking on the sign-up button given there in the front display. 

Input the E-mail address, choose your anonymous username, and create your password. After doing all the above simply click on the create account.

You can also create a Studypool account using Facebook, Linkedin, and Google.

Earn Money Selling Notes in Studypool

Now it's your turn to finalize the account. 

It asks for your user name if you signed in from google or Facebook or Linkedin otherwise you have to put it already in the previous step. 

Upload the profile picture.

Provide username and school name then click on continue.

You will be shown some of the features of the studypool, simply move ahead clicking continue. Now your study pool account is created. It's time to earn money selling notes in Studypool.

Start Earning Money By Selling your Notes and Documents

Earn Money Selling Notes in Studypool

You can see the option to sell your documents and notes directly in your dashboard. Simply click on it.

Earn Money Selling Notes in Studypool

There you will find a place to upload your notes and knowledgeable documents to earn money. You can earn $10 per view. If your document or note gets sold 100 times then you can earn $1000. It's like selling copies of books. Simply do upload by clicking the upload button.

Do you know the most amazing fact about the studypool?  You can even upload the handwritten notes by converting them into PDF of a maximum of 200 MB. There is a feature of uploading all the notes at one time in zip. This will control the burden of uploading every single file. It never delays start now and earn money selling notes in studypool.

After you upload the document and note this studypool team reviews it. If the uploaded document is your original material then they will approve that and it becomes live for sale. Anybody who needs can search and view it. You will earn up to 10$ when a student views your document one time.

There is shown the successful earning data of top sellers in the uploading section. One seller has already earned more than 1 lakh 60 thousand dollars.  

Top Earner in Studypool

Earn Money Selling Notes in Studypool
It supports all the formats of typed documents or handwritten documents like doc, docx, odlt, odt, pdf, rtf, tex, txt, wpd, ppt, pptx, xls, slsx, and zip. 

Your document needs to be meaningful as well as well categorized to get approval in the studypool. You will start to earn money selling notes in studypool now. It could be the best source of passive income for the students who study at the +2 and bachelor levels. There is a very big scope of earning if you submit a valuable note and document. 

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Earning Withdrawl from Studypool

You do not need to worry about withdrawing earnings from the studypool. Because you can get an easy withdraw option from Paypal, Western Union, and so on. You can only withdraw the earnings from your studypool when you earn at least $50. Wok hard and provide genuine as well as knowledgeable notes and documents to earn money. That's how you can earn money selling notes in studypool. The withdrawal ways are properly described in the given picture below.
Earn Money Selling Notes in Studypool

Not only selling the docs and the notes to the studypool you can also enjoy the free platform for searching the solutions. This is actually the very best website to earn money selling notes worldwide.

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