I know you just finished your plus 2 study and are interested in BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration) or you are someone who wants to get genuine information about BBA study in Nepal. It is a must to know the different things that I am going to share with you before you enroll for BBA. Let’s start the discussion under the topic study BBA in Nepal 2022.

Study BBA in Nepal 2022- Tips for BBA

I will be providing you many practical and fruitful tips for BBA if you want to pursue your future in this field. I will also share my experience and my learnings as a BBA aspirant.

It is almost sure that you are either a management or science student if you want to study BBA at the bachelor level. I want to clear a thing that it will be a little tough for the science students in the first semester.  There is a big benefit for the management student studying BBA after plus two. The maximum course content of Accounting, Principles of Management, and Economics are relatable. If you had chosen Basic Math in the 12th class then the 1st semester of BBA is like a piece of bread for you.

As a BBA student, I have experienced a lot of circumstances and situations. I came to BBA from the management stream and it’s been easy for me to crack the exams with less effort. It’s because the course content of the 11th and 12th classes in management is almost similar to the course content of the BBA 1st semester. All you need to do is expand the concept you learned in plus two (management).

If you are going to study BBA in Nepal after plus two then you are in the right place. You will get all the tips for BBA in 2022

I don’t say that Science students cannot make it done but it’s proven that it becomes a little tough for science students. You can imagine a student who never heard about elasticity and balance sheets has to deal with them where others have already known the concept. Big salute to those students who are giving the competition to the management students even after changing the stream. 

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BBA Course Structure

The course structure for BBA is quite different than the equivalent bachelor-level management course like BBS. In a one-sentence, the BBA course is structured in such a way that reduces the studying burden of the students. It is separated into 8 semesters which is very beneficial for students from the study point of view. It is mostly based on a practical basis so that students do not need to depend on the class study to get a good result.

It’s similar to the BBS which is commonly being studied in the Nepali community, but BBA emphasis on the practical and psychological concept of teaching-learning.

I don’t give the demotivating list of syllabus and the structural out view, if you want to study BBA in Nepal 2022 all you need to know in the beginning is that the subjects have 4 credit hours, you need to attend 8 different semesters of 6 months. You need to pass the admission test or entrance which is commonly known as Central Management Admission Test (CMAT).  CMAT test is named different in the different universities like we call KUMAT to Kathmandu University’s BBA admission test and so on. You need to pass the CMAT to study BBA in Nepal from government colleges.

Fee Structure of BBA in 2022

The fee structure of the BBA courses differs from one to another university. You can consider Tribhuvan University and Mid-western University. They both offer BBA courses in Nepal at different fee structures. But the difference is not so huge.

It is expensive as we compare to BBS which is also a bachelor-level course. Let’s know Fee structure of BBA in 2022 in brief. Like the previous year, you will be offered BBA from 3,20,000 NRS to 4,50,000 NRS as a semester fee in different government colleges of Nepal. The fee for BBA in private colleges is very higher in comparison to the fee for BBA in government colleges.

If we talk about the fee structure of foreign-affiliated colleges, it’s more expensive as they tell you to provide you an international degree. But I don’t know what they offer more than the education that is being provided by the different colleges in Nepal at an affordable rate. This may hit you up to 7,00,000 for the same course. 

You can take the example of Shanker Dev Campus which offers BBA at around 4,20,000 NRS in total. Going to Mid-West University offers the BBA course at around 3,20,000 NRS in total. If you consider Mahendra Multiple Campus it offers a BBA course at around 3,40,000 NRS in total. Roughly BBA fee costs around 4,00,000 to 4,50,000 at Pokhara and Kathmandu University.

Moreover, the fee for BBA in Nepal is higher in private colleges. You can go for one analyzing your financial condition. As a student, there is a benefit to selecting a private college in that you do not need to attend the CMAT exam.

Eligibility Criteria to Study BBA in Nepal 2022

The main eligibility criteria to study BBA in Nepal are that you need to have +2 or equivalent with at least 45% marks. 

After you meet the criteria, you have to prepare for the CMAT exam to be listed in the limited quota. Yearly thousands of students appear in the CMAT exam for limited seats.

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Introduction to CMAT/KUMAT/MUMAT

CMAT (Central Management Admission Test) is an entrance test conducted by the University to get admission into its variety of management programs like BBA, BIM, BHM, BTTM, and BBM.

Every student who wants to study BBA in Nepal in government colleges needs to attend the CMAT exam conducted by the concerned office of their university.

You are required to have good command in different topics such as

  • Verbal Ability
  • Quantitative ability
  • Logical Reasoning
  • General Knowledge

All the topics carry 25 marks. The full mark is 100 and you need to get 40 marks to pass the exam. It is not sufficient when you get just 40 marks. As the competition is higher so you need to get more than 70 marks to get shortlisted for an interview.

Why do we need to pass CMAT for BBA?

As I know the main reason for conducting the CMAT exam for BBA is that the college wants to filter the qualified students. Since the BBA course is based on practical education they can only handle a limited number of students so the qualified students are filtered through the entrance test.

CMAT Preparation: Tips and Strategies

CMAT- Central Management Admission Test 2021/22 is around the corner and knocking on the doors of aspirants applicants like you. I know you are scared a bit but must be excited too because that can pave the path for a bright career ahead. 

There are no definite formulae to crack the CMAT exam. One and only proven formula is that WORK HARD. Although there are some tips and strategies if you want to study BBA in Nepal and crack the CMAT exam.

Know Your Syllabus 

This is the crucial tip that everyone gives to you. Knowing the syllabus is like knowing the path to get the CMAT exam cracked. It shows you the directions of what you need to study or what you don't. Do you know a fact? - Some students fail in exams because they read one and paper asks another.

Create a Practical Study Plan

Plan less execute more. Just planning doesn't work. Create a study plan that can be executed.

Identify your Strength and Weakness

When you can find your strength and weakness you would be able to make the best strategic plan to move further. You should work on your weakness more. For example, if you are good at vocabulary then you do not need to waste your whole day looking at the verbal ability section you can give time for other topics. This method works like this.

Use a few Books for Theory

I suggest you use a few books so that you don't get confused. Using lots of books leads the students in confusion. So, select the book carefully.

Plan your Entrance Test Strategy

Whatever the mentors teach you, you must try your own way to answer the questions because a man can always work best in his comfort. Don't waste your time on the difficult questions. A maximum of the questions is asked from the school level standard so that try doing it yourself at first.

Never Delay

Don't be lazy and skip the topic. I suggest you get at least minimum knowledge in every concerning topic mentioned in the syllabus.  Check in advance whether you have all topics and subjects sorted and understood. You must keep your mind fresh near the exam so do everything before a weak.

Practice Previous CMAT papers

You can get the previous year's CMAT exam papers from the internet or from the library. You can also buy a CMAT preparation book which contains the previous year's papers. You should focus highly on the previous year's exam papers.

Practice Mock Tests and Model Papers

Mock tests and the model questions are a must and should be practiced a lot to brush up on your skills. Realize the fact that every attempt you make will help you to identify something that you missed earlier. 

Train Your Mind for the Exam

We all know that exams are taken within a limited time period and we must complete our exam within the time. So that make sure that you can complete your exam within time. You must train your mind in such kinds of things. Because logical reasoning and general knowledge are asked in CMAT you must train your mind to make active. Keep gathering knowledge about current affairs by watching the news.

Use the method of elimination

You need to use the method of eliminating the options whenever you fall in doubt. If different options are given in the question then go for the option in which you believe the most. It may help in getting marks on confusing questions rather than skipping the questions.

Believe in yourself

Keep in mind that whatever you can do for yourself can't anyone do for you. Start believing in yourself and motivating yourself. If you just do this you will witness drastic changes in yourself.

Colleges for BBA in Nepal

There is a big range of colleges available for BBA in Nepal. As I mentioned above the cost of BBA differs from one to another. Let's know what are the top colleges in Nepal for BBA.

  1. Shankar Dev Campus
  2. Purbanchal University, School of Management (PUSOM)
  3. Islington College
  4. Ace Institute of Management
  5. DAV College of Management
  6. Birgunj Public College (BPC)
  7. King's College
  8. Kathmandu College of Management (KCM)
  9. MUSOM, Surkhet
  10. Nepal Commerce Campus

Scope of BBA in Nepal

The rising popularity of BBA in Nepal has piqued the curiosity of many students interested in pursuing a BBA degree. And if you're one of them who wants to take the course but isn't sure if it will lead to a steady profession, you're not alone. The bachelor's degree in business administration is one of the most sought-after educational degrees, with the greatest employment rate of any degree.

You don't need to depend upon any boring and limited area. There is board range of opportunities that you can get after pursuing the BBA course. The different career opportunities of BBA are discussed below.

Sales and Marketing Expert

A BBA graduate can find a better career in sales and marketing. As the sales and the marketing experts needs to work in sale and market optimization, the BBA graduates can be a great fit in this sector. This job position offers a heavy salary and a commission too. 

HR Manager

Managing the human resources and recruiting the human resources is the major work of the human resource manager. To get the job, you'll need great communication, teamwork, negotiating, and interpersonal skills, as well as a competitive compensation and benefits package. These all skills can be developed from the BBA course so you are also a great fit at this.

Banking, Financial Service, and Insurance Companies

Bank, financial service, and insurance are the most popular sectors where any BBA graduate wants to go. These are the major aimed sectors of the BBA students. Not only do they give you career opportunities they can develop your personality and your position in society.


You can work as an accountant after completing your BBA. There is a great need for BBA students in the accounting field. You need to keep the records and execute your accounting skills in accounting sectors. This is one of the highest-paying jobs in the management sector.


Leave the trouble of finding the best job for yourself. You can be an entrepreneur and provide others with the job. Different skills like presentation skill developed in your studying the BBA can make you a successful entrepreneur at your strength.

Graduates of the BBA program are in great demand for positions with corporations, government authorities, and a variety of national and international enterprises. As a result, the Bachelor of Business Administration is a flexible professional degree program that will prepare you for a successful career.


I shared the information in the article named study BBA in Nepal 2022- Tips for BBA based on my research and experience. If you want to get into the financial, banking, corporate, administrative government jobs, and business field then BBA is the best course for you after plus two. I hope you get the maximum information about BBA in Nepal. Have a good conversation regarding your interest, aim, and the financial status of your family, and select any course you like. 

All the best for your upcoming future and hope you will do good in the future.

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