Do you think is it possible to earn money from TikTok in Nepal? Yeah! for sure. We can make money from the TikTok app. I see everybody has a TikTok account, either they use it for making a video or just to watch another's. What if you start earning money from TikTok?

8 ways to Earn Money from Tiktok in Nepal 

I will suggest to you 8 proven ways that you can use to earn money using the TikTok app. We spend most of our time scrolling the videos and calling our day boring. If we start thinking and planning rationally playing with our hobbies, passion, and interest then we could generate good income.


TikTok is a mobile application popularly known for short engaging videos. It was officially launched in 2016 by a Chinese startup company ByteDance. It started gaining popularity just before the Covid-19 pandemic. Although it went through different bands and blocks in different countries, it is very popular among Nepali and loved by Nepali creators.

It has more than 1 billion active users globally. It is a huge community of short videos and live videos. It brought various ways to earn money online in Nepal.

Is it Possible to Earn Money from TikTok?

The very quick answer is yes. Tiktok is a very big global community where we can do a lot of things to earn money online. We have seen many people being viral through their loving content on TikTok.

Eligibility Criteria to Earn Money From Tiktok in Nepal

There are not any pre-determined criteria to earn money from TikTok. But the thing that highly matters here to earn money is your popularity. 

How to Earn Money From TikTok in Nepal?

Without delay let's move towards the money-making technique using the TikTok app. It's not a new thing that you are going to do. Thousand of people are earning money from TikTok. Billions of people use TikTok out of them only thousands are able to earn money. 

It's a huge community and being a huge community itself is an opportunity and challenge. I don't say that you will start earning following the tips mentioned here overnight but these tips can help you finger out your TikTok journey.

Most of the ways work if you have a good count of followers. You need to create face value inside the TikTok community to make money from TikTok. The major thing you can do is increase the followers in TikTok before you think of earning.

The truth remains the truth. There are the least things that you can do to earn if you don't have a good number of followers and identity in TikTok. You can also try them if you don't want to bother counting the followers.

It's not hard getting followers in TikTok. The major thing you must do is that work continuously with engaging content.

You can get a Sponsorship

This is the most popular way that TikTokers use to make money from TikTok. You can get sponsorship from different brands. This only happens when you have a good count of followers on TikTok. Different companies who want to advertise their product and service contact you to make videos telling your followers about their products and services.

You can sign up on influencer marketing websites to get deals and sponsorship. One you can try is Shoutcart. When you get a good fan base in TikTok then signup here and wait for brands to approach you.

TikTok Ads

Like Adsense for YouTube and Facebook Audience Network for Facebook, There is TikTok Ad for the TikTok content. You can signup for TikTok ads and start making money from your TikTok videos once you start getting good views for your videos.

You can earn money from TikTok in Nepal by showing ads on your videos like youtube videos. There are advantages and disadvantages to using TikTok ads. 

The advantage is that you can earn money monetizing your video whereas the disadvantage is that your follower may get irritated with the ad and can unfollow you. This happens because users like to watch short videos on TikTok and what if different ads bother you in a video of just 15 seconds.

TikTok Live

TikTok Live is the most awesome feature that can be used to earn money from TikTok. You may know Punya Gautam who earned more than 35 thousand NRS just staying on TikTok live for 2 hours. Your viewers can send you different gifts and donations.

RONB appreciates Punya Gautam

Your followers or viewers can send you virtual coins worth around 1.39$ per 100 coins. They send you gifts like a panda, an Italian hand, I am very rich, a Drama queen, etc. The gifts hold coins. Like, a panda holds 5 coins and a Drama queen holds 5000 coins.

Drama Queen is the largest gift in TikTok. You need 2 coins to make a diamond. A diamond is equal to 5 cents. Tiktok cuts off your half earnings and gives you the half.

You need at least 1000 followers to go live on TikTok.

Work between Tiktokers and Brands

You can earn money from TikTok in Nepal even if you don't have followers on TikTok. It's the work in which you can connect a TikTok influencer with a brand that wants to invest in advertising. 

If you have the skills to make deals and negotiations then you can work as a moderator or broker for TikTokers and brands. All you need to do is seek the best influencer for a brand and enjoy the commission.

Extend Your Presence

You might be making videos in a particular niche of your interest. Your niche could be acting, modeling, traveling, food, entertainment, comedy, or others, you can extend your presence in that niche. 

You can see the common example of various TikTokers who came as TikTokers and were established as an actor or models.

Prinsy-Prisma, and Deepa-Damanta is the burning example of this. They entered modeling and acting once they got loved by viewers. You can also do like them. Once you get viral, many media will approach you and it will become easier for you to extend your presence.

Being a Tutor

Sharing your knowledge with people always gives you benefits. You can start sharing knowledge on the topic at which you are good. You can see Swagat Gywali on TikTok sharing the IPO news from his videos. He has a good fan following. You can also work as a tutor and earn money from TikTok.

You can sell your ebooks and courses once you get popular. You can even go live and promote the products or get sponsored.

Selling Account

The TikTok account with a good number of followers can be sold for a high amount that you cannot even think of. Many people demand a TikTok account having a good number of followers. You need to grow the account first and offer others for sale.

You can seek buyers using Facebook and telegram groups. The buyers may be from your circle who is needing followers.


You can do digital marketing using TikTok. When you have knowledge of digital marketing then it will be an opportunity for you. You do not need to depend upon your followers to earn money from TikTok. If you do marketing using TikTok like on Facebook and Instagram then it can generate huge revenue.

Tiktok Pulse Programe

As Youtube's Creator payment Program TikTok also initiated the TikTok Pulse Program which lets the advertisers run their ads in the top 4% of the videos in the app (videos with long duration like a video of 5 minutes or more).  It is said that the popular TikTok users with more than 1 lakh followers can get benefit from this program.

It has launched the program in the U.S and is liable to lunch globally soon. Talking to the verse TikTok announced the Pulse Program.

Some FAQ related to TikTok

How much TikTok pays for 1 million views?

There is not a fixed threshold of giving a predetermined amount for 1 million views. Your income totally depends upon the way by which you have monetized your content. 

Who has the highest number of followers on TikTok Nepal?

Prinsy Prisma has the highest number of followers on TikTok in Nepal. They already had hit more than 6.5 million followers.

After them, Sorrya Joshi, Deepa Damanta, Asha Adhikari, Reshma Ghimire, and Karishma Dhakal have the highest number of followers in Tiktok till November 2021.

How to withdraw money from TikTok in Nepal?

You need a PayPal account to withdraw money from TikTok in Nepal. If you don't have you can create your Paypal account. It is a simple process.
  • Go to your profile
  • Click on three dots 
  • Click on balance
  • Go to live gift or any other where you have earned money
  • Add your Paypal details
  • Click on continue to withdraw. 
Your money arrives within 3-5 business days on your Paypal account.


In order to earn money from TikTok, you must focus on quality content. The face value matters a lot in TikTok. When you get popular among the viewers with your valuable content then it's not a big deal to earn money. I hope you loved the 8 ways I have mentioned to earn money from TikTok in Nepal.

Content is always King and we cannot deny that. If you gain followers just by publishing random videos then, they cannot help you make money. Try to make videos with your voice, you can help people through your video by providing information and tips, and you can even do comedy, act, etc. All you need to do is build yourself as a brand.

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