Hurray! You can earn money online from Sakchha. I have recently known that we can now work as a freelancer from own Nepal's freelancing platform. Everybody who has technical and even non-technical talent can be a part of that freelancing site and sell his or her skills to the client. 

It is inspiring to those freelancers who were not well recognized by the established freelancing sites like Upwork and Fiverr. Friends let's know how we can earn money online from

Earn Money Online From Sakchha
Earn Money Online From Sakchha


Sakchha is a Nepali online platform that connects a freelancer to a verified client. It works to remote works and makes Nepal a back office of the world. Sakchha aims to boost the economy of Nepal by creating job opportunities remotely. This is the best and perfect platform for those who want to work full-time or part-time as a freelancer. 

It has already made different deals with international agencies and which will drive you to the best online job around the world in the upcoming days. In the current context of joining the international platforms for freelancing, Sakchha is the best alternative for those who are not happy or not recognized by Upwork, Fiverr, or Freelancer. 

Besides this, Being a Nepali freelancing site Sakchha can serve the Nepali freelancers and the clients well comparison to others. Because of the payment hindrances and the over freelancer's traffic in the Upwork, Fiverr, and Freelancer, it is quite tough for newcomers Nepalese freelancers to work efficiently on those platforms. You can earn money online from Sakchha by joining the platform free of cost.

Sakchha is in the initial phase of gathering the freelancers to its network. It is very beneficial for you if you sign up today because there are few freelancers signed up now.

Benefits of Sakchha

The main benefit of is that a Nepali freelancer can get the best platform for selling his/her talent and a client can get his/her work done through the best talent. You can earn money online from sakchha as like on Upwork, Fiverr, and Freelancer.
  • It's a Nepali freelancing platform specially made for Nepal's economical growth.
  • Payment methods are more convenient since we can use eSewa, Khalti, etc.
  • Easy to grow and get the faith of clients.
  • Less traffic of freelancers and there is a higher chance of getting jobs
  • 0% service charge

How to Earn Money Online from

Being a newly established freelancing site Sakchha is working to get a higher number of service buyers and sellers in its network. You can join Sakchha as a freelancer to earn money online. The word freelancing is not a new word. It's being heard from ago. We Nepali has also upvoted freelancing and loved it much more after the recent pandemic and also getting success even in the international freelancing platforms. 

It's a golden opportunity for Nepali freelancers that now they can work as a freelancer from Nepali Platform. If you have skills like data entry, app development, website designing, content writing, video, photo editing, graphics designing, digital marketing, translating and so on you can be a part of Sakchha and earn money online from sakchha.

You can even get a chance to work with international companies remotely being inside Nepal if you have the above-mentioned skills. It has already done partnerships with different international service buyers and it's hiring the best freelancer from its database through the backing. 

Sign-up and Create an account

You can easily sign-up in Sakchha to earn money online from sakchha. All you need to provide authentic information about yourself. 

After you complete the profile fill up your profile will be reviewed and verified if the information provided by you is legit and authentic. I don't think your profile will be rejected like Upwork and other established freelancing sites if you provide genuine information with a talent.

I will show, how you can earn money online from sakchha step by step. The first step is to know sakchha and if you know the base and benefit of sakchha let start signing up.

Earn Money Online From Sakchha
Sign up in sakchha

Visit sakchha's website and sign up by clicking on the register as a provider. You can sign up in sakchha from the signup button lying at the top of the window too and select a provider to sign up as a freelancer.

You will be shown the registration form below fill up your name, email, check in the provider box and finally click sign up.


Earn Money Online From Sakchha
Register in sakchha

Then you have to confirm your email address. You will be shown this message.

Confirm the Email

Earn Money Online From Sakchha
Confirm email

Open your mail inbox and check if an email has arrived from sakchha or not. You will receive an email like this. Simply click on the active account button and it will verify it's you creating the sakchha account. 

Earn Money Online From Sakchha
Email from sakchha

Your sakchha account is now created and email verification is completed. You can now complete your profile set up to make it as impressive as you can. 

Tell about Yourself

Earn Money Online From Sakchha
About yourself

In this section change a profile picture. Mind it a good-looking profile is always loved by the client. You can write a job title offering the services. I wrote it, content writer. You can write anything that you can offer a client. An example is shown in the above picture.

The main thing that helps your client or a service buyer to know you and contact you is your bio. You must have to describe your skill in a short and sweet way. It helps to make your profile more attractive. 

How to write an impressive bio for Sakchha?

The main thing that we have to consider writing our bio is that it shouldn't be bulky and we have to make it as sweet as we can pointing towards readers and clients.

A good profile setup can help you to earn money online from sakchha.

If I have to write a bio for a content writer, translator, or graphics designer then it would be like this.

Hi there, I am Santosh K. Thapa specialized in translating, creating YouTube thumbnails, and writing blogs. I am a qualified translator having fluency in English, Nepali, and Hindi language. Besides this, I have gathered substantial experience and knowledge in writing, video editing, and creating YouTube thumbnails. I run a successful personal blog loved by my readers. I won the reader's and viewer's hearts through my creativity in writing and creating a YouTube thumbnail. I am a great fit at: - Writing blogs and articles with creativity. - Creating Engaging YouTube thumbnail for your video - Editing Video - Translating in between English, Nepali, and Hindi Language. Other Capabilities: - Most of the projects can be completed within 24 hours. I would love to discuss your project needs further with you, and we can work together for your higher satisfaction. Contact me you won't be disappointed.

After writing the bio click on the save button below and go ahead.

Link your Social Media Account

Linking social media is the next step.

Earn Money Online From Sakchha
Add Social Media

Now you should link your social media account by providing your social media username. Simply save the information and move ahead after entering the usernames.

How to Know your Social Media Username?

To get your username to go to the chrome browser and log in to your social media account. Visit your profile and look at the address bar for your username the letters after the site's default URL are your username. For example, if I visit my Facebook profile for my face book's username. I can see

There santoshkthapa2002 is the username for my Facebook account.

When you add the social media account to your profile it builds trust and helps you to earn money online from sakchha.

Submit Verification Document

Earn Money Online From Sakchha
Submit documents

You have to submit some verification documents like identity documents, Resume, Academic documents and, achievement documents. The identity document is mandatory, and other documents are complementary. 

To verify your profile without any doubt make sure you submit your resume and your academic certificate too. If you have got the certificate of praise and participated in any seminars and summits which can show you as a qualified person in any field, you can upload such documents in the achievement section.

You can upload those documents in pdf, png, jpeg formats.

Add your Skills

Earn Money Online From Sakchha
Add Skills

Now add skills to your profile that describes your professionalism. You can take an idea from the above picture.

Adding more and genuine skills is recommended to earn money online from sakchha.

Payment Details

Earn Money Online From Sakchha
Add Payment Details

Add your payment details correctly so that that the payment work becomes safe and burden-free. Add your account number, your legal name, and bank's name in their respective areas as shown in the above picture. Save the changes and move forward.

If you do not want to add payment details now simply click on the setup payment details later option right below the save button. You can also add these details later. 

Profile Completed

Your Profile is now completed. Click on the done to go to your dashboard. You can edit the information provided before going to your profile. 

Earn Money Online From Sakchha
Profile Completed

Now you have completed your profile set up in sakchha. You are just a few steps back to earn money online from sakchha.

Now You can see the leads matching your profile. You can apply for the leads and get the jobs. It is similar to other freelancing platforms. 

LEADS stands for the job posts in sakchha. Apply for the leads get the client's response.

In how many days Sakchha will verify my account?

When you submit all your details, your account will be stored in the database of sakchha for verification. If the information you have provided is legit and authentic then your account will be verified within a day. Sometimes It may take 2-3 days. 

After you get verification from Sakchha, you can apply for the leads and work as a verified Sakchha freelancer. You can now start to earn money online from sakchha.


After you get verification from sakchha try to get some work applying the leads. After you get your work done you will get a review which helps to build your profile's image. 

By signing up you can earn money online from sakchha. Talking about this freelancing website, I am very excited that we got a Nepali platform for freelancing. 

It will be very easier for us to withdraw our earning because it supports eSewa, Khalti, and bank transfer. It will drive us to work with international companies which will really help us to make a good income.

Before you go,