Friends, I get my Sakchha account verified yesterday. I am going to give you some ideas on how you can verify your Sakchha profile in a minute if your Sakchha account is not verified yet.

Verified Sakchha Profile

It is mandatory that you must have a verified account to work in Sakchha as a freelancer. I have already written all about how you can create Sakchha account and make money online in the previous article. You can check it. If you don't know about Sakchha, Sakchha is a Nepali freelancing website where Nepali talents are focused to sell their skills in the international market.

How to verify Sakchha account?

Simply, after you submit your profile, your profile is kept in the database of Sakchha for review. If you have submitted genuine and legit documents then you can get approval easily. It may take a few days up to 2-3 days for the approval. 

Since Sakchha has just launched it is still maintaining the relationship with the hiring agencies so that it takes longer to verify your account. What can we do if Sakchha delays in verifying the profile?

You will get all the answers here. How to verify sakchha profile fast in minutes? Let's know how you can do it. 

Contact Sakchha 

If you are facing trouble in verifying your profile in Sakchha then, you can contact Sakchha through its Facebook page. Their response rate is fast and they won't let you unanswered. Let's see how I verified my profile through this. let's know how to verify Sakchha profile in a minute?

I had registered in Sakchha on 2021 October 21. I left it for the review process and verification for a week but I did not get any response from the Sakchha Team. I don't even get the error message and even the verification. 

On 2021 October 28, I went to the website of Sakchha and used the chatbot to address my problem. You can also search for Sakchha on Facebook and do messages both are the same.

I quoted my question.

Sir, it's been more than a week I have signed up at to work as a service provider but my profile is not yet approved. Can you please consider my profile and tell me why it cannot get approval. It's still in pending status.

Somebody from Sakchha replied and asked for my email address.

Could you please give me your email address? I will check your verification process.


I provided my email address which I had used to create Sakchha profile. It took more than 10 minutes for them to reply to my message and they came with the good news that my Sakchha account is verified.

 Here is the reply from Sakchha

Thank you, your profile has now been verified.
Now please go to your profile dashboard, all the jobs that matches your skill set will be available for your to apply. If you don't see any jobs, please update your skill sets in profile or could be due to there being no jobs that matches your skill set at the moment.
I checked my profile and saw it's verified. You can also do this to verify your Sakchha profile if it is not yet. You can only apply for the jobs when you have a verified profile. So that we must verify Sakchha profile.


Here is the conversation that how I contacted Sakchha through message and verified my Sakchha profile.

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Review Your Details Yourself

You also need to review your details yourself before asking the team or if you did not get responses at a moment. All your information must be legit and original. If you create a unique and responsive profile that shows that you have some value to give to the buyers then, there is no chance of rejection.

Therefore do not forget to check your profile and review it when Sakchha delays in verifying. Make the necessary changes that you feel to make.

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