Are you good at photography? Do you love to frame the real world in the reel? If you do then you can work as a stock photographer to earn money online. Here I am going to introduce a perfect platform from where you can earn money online. All you need to do is register on the site and start uploading your photographs. Let's know how you can earn money online selling photo in picxy detailly. 

Earn Money Online Selling Photo in Picxy


Picxy is aSouth Asia's largest stock company where anyone from the world can register and start selling their photo content. Picxy is mostly chosen by the content creators to get the South Asia-based stock photography. This is the best stock photo website where Nepali stock photographers can work to earn money online selling photos. This is a stock photography site initiated by Indian creators and targeting the reasons like Nepal. It is doing its business all over South Asia.

How to Earn Money Selling Photo in Picxy?

Picxy provides you the option to work as a stock photographer no matter where you are from. Since it is an Indian site, it will be more beneficial to the countries around it. This also targets the Nepali brands to sell the photos and Nepali stock photographers to join the community. 

To earn money online selling photo in picxy we need to sign up in Picxy. Let's know how you can sign up for Picxy.

Sign Up and Login

Simply click here to go to the official website of picxy. You will see the options to log in and signup. Go for sign up.


After you click on sign up, you will be asked to choose either a buyer or seller. You have to register in Picxy as a photographer to earn money selling photo in Picxy


As on the other site, you will be asked to provide your details like email, username, and so on. You can use the referral code of pixy to get 50 INR in your registration.

You can use the referral code shown in the photo above to get INR 50 at your first 20 photos upload. Once you upload your first 20 photos you will be rewarded the 50 INR instantly. The referring person also earns INR 10 when you complete your first 20 photo uploads.

You can withdraw your earning once it reaches 100 at least in your account. This is the best way to make money selling stock photo.

Fill up the details as shown in the figure above and click sign up then you will be asked to verify your identity.


You will see the message on your screen. This is asking you to check your mail and verify this is you. Simply go to your email and check if an email arrived into inbox or not. If you do not find any message in the inbox check the spam folder. and verify it's you.


After following all the above steps you have successfully created the picxy account and now you can work as a stock photographer in picxy and earn money selling photo in picxy.

Login to the picxy again and you will see your dashboard where you can find all the options to upload and edit your photo.

Upload Photo

After you create an account in picxy you will be able to upload your stock photo and start earning money online. Once you upload a photo it will be reviewed by the picxy team and if it meets the criteria then it will be approved. 

You can see your approved photo in the published tab and your rejected photo in the rejected tab. The rejected photo only appears for a few days. They are removed after some days of rejection.

Photo Submission Guidelines

You must have to upload your stock photo being inside the mentioned yardsticks. You can earn money from mobile photography also if you fulfill some criteria. Picxy says that the photo must have fulfilled the following criteria.

  • The photo should not contain any watermarks.
  • Photo must not be your selfies, or anything else which does not shows the real value of photography.
  • Do not upload B&W photos.
  • Your camera should be at least 5 megapixels or the minimum resolution of the photo must be at least 1000 by 500 pixels.
The picxy is as intelligent as a human. It automatically detects the tags once you upload the photo to your dashboard. You can also add more tags related to your photo. 

Like if you upload a photo of Diwali then it will automatically detect the tags related to Diwali. Tags are very important to push any content to the search result.

Add a descriptive description and also add the model release form there. You are all set now and don't forget to give a descriptive title to your photo. 

After this all you can submit your photo for review. This is how you can sell photos and make money in Nepal. It is very easy and can be done in seconds so, I did not mention the screenshot. This is how you 

Referral Program

You can earn money through the referral program of Picxy. When you create your picxy account and upload some photos, your referral link gets ready. You can appeal to others to sign up to picxy using your referral link and code. 

When someone sign-ups to the Picxy using your referral code and link then you will be rewarded 10 INR once the referral's first 20 photos publishes. Both of you get the benefit. The person to whom you refer also gets INR 50 when he/she publishes his/her first 20 photos. 

You can increase your referral earning shares by uploading more photos. For example, if you upload 500 plus photos then your referral share becomes 40 percent. The minimum referral share percentage is 20 percent. That means if you refer someone you will get 20 INR where you just get 10 INR with 20 percent shares at the starting.

Payment & Earning from Picxy

The payment procedures of the Picxy are very safe and legit. You can easily withdraw your earnings once it reaches the minimum withdrawal amount. The minimum withdrawal amount is INR 100 which is very minimum. You can earn 100 rupees just by referring your friend in some hours. 

First, you need to add your bank details in the Payment tab. If you are a stock photographer from India then it's very easy you can add the bank details directly to get the payment. But for Nepali who want to earn money online selling photo in picxy have to create a PayPal account. It's simple and easy. You have to fill up the PayPal account detail in your payment tab and you will be able to receive your earning.

Picxy says it takes 3-4 days to proceed with the payment once you order checkout. 

If you were surfing the internet to seek the answer for how to earn money by uploading photos then, picxy could be the best answer. Earning through the photo is very interesting. Picxy offers you the best minimum price for your photo. No matter how much it gets sold you will receive at least 15 INR. If your photo gets more value then it also gives you more price.

Comparatively 15 rupees as a minimum price of a photo is the best price. Here the Shutterstock only gives you 7 to 8 rupees for a photo. Picxy contributors' earnings are always high.


Friends, I shared the basics of earning money online selling photo in Picxy. You can boost your earnings through the referral program. Picxy also gives you the best value for your photo in comparison to other websites like Shutterstock. 

I want to give you a tip to earn money selling photo in Picxy. If you focus on cultural, traditional, and religious photography you can earn more money with picxy. 

Picxy has a blog section where it provides photography-related articles. You can upgrade your photography skill by reading the articles. 

Picxy has announced to launch its mobile application soon in the future. If you want to use your mobile to upload the stock photo in picxy then you can use web browsers now. Picxy loads well on mobile too. Soon you will be able to upload your stock photos using Picxy app.

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