It's like a miracle when the hardest thing can be learned in just a few minutes with no like effort. Here I am showing you how I learn Nepali typing in just 10 minutes. Isn't it amazing when you have to appear in the loksewa exam and you don't have too much time to learn Nepali typing? I will show, you how you can learn Nepali typing easily and systematically. Stick to this article till the end.


Learn Nepali Typing in Just 10 minutes

What I will help you within this article?

  1. Online and offline tools to improve your Nepali typing accuracy, and speed.
  2. The amazing and user-friendly layout of the keyboard.
  3. My personal tips and tricks to learn typing.

Now I want to start with my personal tips and tricks to learn Nepali typing. That could be very helpful for you as a motivating factor and knowledge to initiate.

Beginner Tips and Tricks

It was left only 5 days to my examination. It was my practical examination of computers. I was very worried about the Nepali typing. I was like zero. I don't even know where क lies. Then I used such tricks to get rid of the heaviest burden of my life, Nepali Typing.

I used the following tricks to start my learning journey. You must also use the following tricks to learn Nepali typing easily and fastly.

  1. Decide the font which you are going to learn. Always choose the most used and accepted font. They might be Preeti, Kalimati, Unicode, etc.
  2. Print out the keyboard layout of the font you want to learn.
  3. Organize the keyboard layout of the font serially from क to ज्ञ. For example S=क, V=ख, and so on.

  1. Do organizing for क ख and अ आ, if you wish you can do for मात्रा also. For example, F for ा, ] forर्, etc. [note- I am giving examples using Nepali Unicode]
  2. After this you start memorizing the series, it just takes 5 minutes.
  3. Then you can use various tools {online or offline} to start typing instead of MS Word. But I recommend you use MS Word at first.
  4. You must start typing कख..ङचछज..........धनपफबभम.....षसहक्षत्रज्ञ, अ आ...........अः, क का कि की कु कू....... until you become fleunt.
This is the most effective system and trick to learn Nepali typing fastly and easily. 

You can start typing the paragraph if you think you can type those sequences easily. But you have to work more to increase your speed. You must mind the grammatical accuracy and clarity along with the speed.

Online and Offline tools to increase typing Speed and Accuracy.

When you learn the basics of Nepali typing you need to increase your typing speed in care of accuracy. For this, I will suggest you a website that works online and gives you the interface to type Nepali and English to increase your typing skills and accuracy. 

I will also suggest you download the renowned software in the universe of Nepali typing, TYPESHALA, and use it. You can easily get it over the internet. Download it, install it, and start using this will really help you increase your Nepali typing skill.

If you don't want to use the TYPESHALA, and you have an internet facility, then you can use these websites.
Each website includes different features, You can experience the online version of TYPESHALA software from the first website whereas you can learn Preeti from the second website The third website allows you to learn Unicode [traditional and romanized].

Among them, my favorite is the third one.

Keyboard Layout and Fonts

Now it's time to share the keyboard layout for the most commonly used Nepali fonts in Nepal. I will be sharing the keyboard layout for the Preeti and Unicode font. Mind it Kalimati and Unicode are similar. On the other hand, Preeti and Unicode also match as most but their मात्रा varies.

Preeti Layout


Unicode/Kalimati Layout



I hope you loved the tips and tricks I provided to you. This system of learning helped me a lot in learning Nepali typing. Besides all the tutoring and tricks your dedication, patience, continuity, and effort are the most important thing in learning.

For you,