Who I am?

Namaste, beautiful soul! I am Santosh K. Thapa, editor, author, and owner of santoshkthapa.com.np. I would like to introduce myself as a self-motivated part-time blogger and a learner. I love to share ideas about what I learn. 

At Swayambhu

Besides this traveling is my dearest passion. I am very far from sports and fitness although I look quite fit. I can't stand without cracking jokes and doing silly things where people find a sense of humor.

I am interested in photography, videography, and gadgets, and technology. I love framing my loved ones rather than myself. I love sticking with gadgets too.

Going to my educational background, I am currently doing BBA after my intermediate graduation in management. I roam around Surkhet, Nepalgunj, and Kathmandu. I am a habitat of Nepalgunj, Banke, and have seen this world first in Dailekh.

About My Blog

Santosh's Blog is purely a blog oriented towards the readers who want to earn money online in Nepal. I cover different platforms which help you to earn money online. Besides this, I also cover topics on Shares & IPO, and career.

As I am a business management student I love to share banking, financing, and earning-related articles. I started this blog with the motive of providing the best user-friendly content over the different topics in sharemarket and banking.

If you want to know about the apps, websites, and tricks which let you earn money, then stick with me. You can get lots of money-making tips here. Concerning the biggest interest of people in sharemarket and IPO, I am working with my best to provide you with share market tips, news, and IPO-related articles.

As a student, I will share with you the experience of my research on the share market and IPO and earning money from home online. Don't miss the career-related stuff from a struggling participant of career development.

Santoshkthapa.com.np focuses on conveying strategies for working from home and making money online. It shares different ideas of earning and investing your money in the share market and IPO correctly. Not only in the topics like earning money Santosh's Blog focuses on career, banking knowledge, services, and jobs-related queries of users.

My Blogging Journey

I can't even count how many roughs I wrote dreaming and assuming. I can't even count how many roughs I wrote which never got delivered to the right person. I am a literary person and I think I had written more than 25 ghazals that were never listened except me.

I used to write stories, poems, and the words that I feel. I wanted to share them with everyone who finds the feel in them. This is how my interest in blogging developed.

In the skybriddge of New Buskpark, Katmmandu

Late in early 2020, Blogger came into my insight for the first time. I was scrolling posts on Facebook where I saw someone sharing her blog in the comment section. I visited that blog and knew I can even create a blog like her.

I researched a lot. My sleep would never ring me until it reach 2 AM in the night. Look how passionate I was about blogging.

I knew a lot about this field. I started my first blog in blogger naming Nepali Literature. Due to the financial shortage, I failed to start my blog in WordPress at first. I learned a lot about Google and its terminology. YouTube and Google were my tutors.

I started sharing my self-written ghazals. I can't tell you how much I loved doing it. I used to get amazed and feel proud that I can find my writings over the internet asking with Google. In fact, I enjoyed it a lot.

Later I also thought for Adsense. I knew the Nepali language is not supported by Adsense and got worried that I cannot participate in that program. Monetizing the blog was never my motive at first but interest in monetization developed in me.

I again created a new blog and worked on it and I knew about SEO. It's been very hard for me to think about what Google wants from creators and bloggers. I used that blog to experiment with SEO and my writing ability. I gained little knowledge in coding just by watching videos and researching on the internet. I started identifying the codes and their meaning. That made me easy working on Blogger.

Around BaisDhara

My personal circumstances created a gap of more than 8 months in blogging. But my interest and passion for blogging never died with my circumstances.

I decided to resume my blogging journey with a new domain (santoshkthapa.com.np) in 2021 April.

My Social Profile

I find myself less socialized compared to others but I enjoy being with myself. I am active in social media like Facebook. Twitter and Instagram.

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If you want to contact me through email use contact@santoshkthapa.com.np as a mailing address. I will try to respond as soon as possible.