Writing is the most sold skill online. There are many ideas to make money with your writing. You can even work as a content writer or start your own money-making blog. The arena of online earning through writing is getting diversified day by day. Let's discuss it in brief. 

earn money with your writing
Earn Money with your writing

Introduction to writing

There is a great scope over the internet to earn money with your writing. If you are seeking the best option to earn money online- writing could be a better option for you. You can easily sell your writing online to other marketers. You don't need to be a decent writer, being a half-decent writer also works here. You can make money with your writing capabilities.

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Everybody says content is king and I am talking about creating a king and selling it to other marketers in different freelancing sites and in the forms of eBook, journal, and the blog. Most blog owners are not able to create high-quality content for their blogs. Using this a plus point you can provide writing service to them.

In this article, We are going to discuss some of the ways that you can earn money by writing, including the ways to find buyers over the internet. The ruling marketplaces are also the topic to be discussed.

Let’s learn About writing for others in detail.

Advantages of Writing

  • Learn about the market
  • Find a partner
  • Work in demand
  • Personal Development
  • Create passive income

It’s easy to work in writing as a freelancer or a hired writer. You can do your work as per your will. More marketers are looking for high-quality content for their websites than there are writers who can provide it. If you ask anybody how to earn money online they will first answer you - you can make money with your writing.

Sure, platforms like Elance and oDesk make it simple to find writers, but if you've ever tried, you know how difficult it can be. If you've done this before, you've probably seen the lack of quality that many people complain about.

If you really work in providing high-quality content and get consistency in your work then you will immediately distance yourself from 90% of the competition.

Then there's learning about markets. I use the plural since you can learn a lot about internet marketing as well as any markets you write about by doing so.

If you consistently produce high-quality material, you'll be able to attract customers. You can be able to collaborate with your clients to know a few steps more about the market to develop you as a successful online entrepreneur. They frequently ask you to write about things about which they are passionate, and you can learn a lot from the journey of writing. It's a two-way benefit to learn and make money with your writing.

In fact, for whom write are not just your clients, they are teaching you every pros and cons about the market and strengthening your writing abilities every time by giving you the challenge of a new trending topic.

It’s proven, your current cheapest product gets higher value after your marketer or the client knows the quality of your work. You do not need to seek any other clients further if you can be able to impress the client with your work. You can try guest posting in different blogs and websites to impress them through your writing. This helps you a lot to make money with your writing.

The writing journey does not remain limited to freelancing and writing for others; it creates a bond between you and your marketer/client which may result in partnership as well as creating the joint venture.

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Types of Writing

There are various types of writing that you can offer to your clients. The marketers generally for following types of writings.

  • Articles
  • Copywriting
  • Blog posts
  • Reports
  • Journals
  • Autoresponder Emails
  • Descriptions
  • eBooks
  • Spinning

Some writing skills mentioned above are more specialized than others. Like copywriting need certain skill on you which is not set in the others. You can make money with your writing in different another topic relevant in your area too.

These various levels of expertise will also influence how much you can charge for your services. Piece writers that are considered "well paid" may charge between $25 and $50 for each 500-word article.

Highly compensated copywriters, on the other hand, can make $10,000 or more for a single sales letter, plus a share of the sales in some situations.

If you are just starting, you may not be able to command like the established one. Once you develop faith in the buyers then you don't need to command them, you get offers from them.

Do you know millions of blogs and websites deaths due to the lack of quality content? You can easily find the place to market your article and blog writing skills over the internet targeting such blogs. It's a very niche to start writing with. There is a never-ending demand for high-quality blogs and articles because creating readable and engaging content is not a joke.

Reports, eBooks, and Journals are also demanding materials. eBooks are large projects offering the clients and the readers in a package. They can build any writer’s name stronger. Don’t hesitate to offer your clients and readers eBooks.

Spinning is a unique type of content that not everyone is comfortable with. In the world of internet marketing, article spinning is a touchy subject. Some individuals swear by it, while others believe it is a "black hat" strategy they would never employ.

Copywriting has already been identified as one of the higher-paying types of content, but in order to get paid well, you must have a track record. The first few sales letters you produce may not make as much revenue, but if they convert effectively and you can build a portfolio of great sales pages, it won't be long before you can start churning out cash.

In some aspects, autoresponder emails are similar to copywriting, but they will differ based on the end goal. Many marketers don't know how to write good emails, or they don't know enough about a specific niche to write them well, so supplying this type of material may frequently result in some fairly profitable clients.

Uniqueness matters a lot in writing for others. If you cannot write replacing the original words with synonyms and can’t create some distinct vision in the content you can not develop your wellbeing. How to make money with your writing is everybody's question but nobody thinks about their writing actually. The internet is mostly plagiarized and full of low-quality content nowadays.

Where to sell your Writing?

A few years ago, there were platforms like Elance and oDesk. Now the leading market is quite different. Freelancer, Fiverr, Upwork are leading the freelancing market on the internet. They are accessible from the whole world and have a huge network of clients and writers as well as freelancers having other skills. Writing has great scope in freelancing, you can make money with your writing by freelancing the writing services.

Besides the freelancing sites, you can offer directly to the website and the blog owners. It’s easy to find their contact details too. When you start working with a client then the client can also generate more clients when your relation develops stronger. The sigma rule to develop a stronger relationship with your client is to provide high-quality content.

Working with existing clients is much easier than finding new clients so you should learn to value your customer through hard work. My tip for you is don't lose the contact data of any customer you already worked with because you can contact them to offer more content.

If you don’t have any existing consumers to contact then you can simply go to the forums like Warrior digital marketing forum and post your service ad there.

It is just an example there are many forums available to give you the way to finding your customers.

The forums and the freelancing sites are a little bit similar in the struggle of finding clients. No one believes you first in those sites. You have to be regular and try to connect with the clients consistently, not losing hope.

How much to charge?

earn money with your writing

In the beginning, the major question for newbies is what is the principle of determining the charge of writing or a post or an article. It takes hard work and in-depth research for a creator to create something. That does not satisfy with charging the high range price. Be smart and set up the charge knowing the market to make money with your writing.

After all, they want to earn as much as possible and they may feel that their work is worth a lot. But until they’ve had a chance to prove themselves, buyers may not want to pay high-end rates.

You can start pricing your writing like 5$ for one article with 500 words or likewise at the beginning. Don’t try to follow the pricing list of the established one. You can eventually increase it higher as per your expertise and the wellbeing in front of the clients.

Actually, you can draft pricing like below

1 cent per word = 5$ for 500 words
2 cent per word = 10$ for 500 words

It's an example for you but keep in mind that the higher price at the beginning would be unacceptable for most of the customers.

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Specializing the Writing

Specializing helps you to earn faster so, try specializing your writing to make money with your writing. When you just work in a field you can be an expert in that field. If you are asked to choose where to go to treat your eyesight, either to the Ophthalmologist or to the General doctor where do you want to go. I know you have chosen an Ophthalmologist. It's because Ophthalmologists are specialized eye doctors.

This theory works here to persuade the clients. Clients want to go with a specialized content creator. Here I am talking about how you can specialize in selecting a particular niche. It helps you in collecting clients of your interest and gaining in-depth knowledge and expertise yourself.

Because you won't have to do as much research if you choose a topic you're familiar with, the writing process will be a lot faster. And the quality of your writing will be significantly higher than if you're writing on things about which you have simply a cursory understanding based on some basic research.


The internet is all about the content delivered to the needy. This is a never-ending artificial phenomenon which is helping people earn money online since ago. However many auto articles generating tools have introduced the quality and the spirit of article and content writing that remains private inside humans. Your services will be in high demand for a long time if you can assist other marketers by delivering the content they require.

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