Hi, friends I am going to share 7 ways how Nepali bloggers can make money blogging in Nepal. Nepali bloggers can make money online using these ways in 2021 and upcoming 2022.


The competition in blogging is very high but if you invest your time in making your content good and do some SEO then earning money from blogging is not a big deal.

Many times when you google your question, you don't get the best result. Try helping google to provide quality content. This will help you rank faster and higher even if you have the least SEO knowledge.

Blogging is the way of sharing your knowledge in the form of content, creating your space on the internet.

I need to have my address as a domain name and hosting as a hard disk to store the content. 

Many people do blogging as a passion and hobby but it's now being a great source of earning too. Let's know different ways how you can make money blogging in Nepal.

Major Earning source of Nepali Bloggers

There are lots of things that you can do with blogging. One major thing is you can present yourself in the international arena, another you can make money. Still, the culture of blogging is not recognized broadly in Nepal. It is limited to the technical personalities and the researchers. 

Due to the lack of good electricity and internet supply, many people are being deprived to grow their passion through blogging. 

Let's know how Nepali bloggers make money blogging. There are seven major ways they are monetizing their content and making money blogging in Nepal.


The majority of Nepali bloggers want to get their blog approved in Adsense. It's the platform of Google and gives you the best earnings in comparison to other ad networks. Nepali top bloggers who are doing blogging in the English language are using AdSense to monetize their content.

Nepali bloggers blogging in the Nepali language are using another way to monetize their content since the Nepali language is not supported by Adsense yet.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing Programs are the major source of income for tech and fashion blogs. Whenever they review and write about any new gadgets and fashion arrival they give their affiliate link in the article. They get a good amount of affiliate commission from this.

In fact, one can earn 2 times more than any other way compared to affiliate marketing. You can see GadgetByte Nepal providing you the buy link of Oliz Store and Daraz Nepal. 

Facebook Instant Article

The Facebook instant article is one of the emerging ways to make money blogging in Nepal. The bloggers who have active followers on their Facebook page are monetizing their content through the Facebook instant articles. 

The Facebook instant article helps to serve ads in your content which helps to make money. It's not popular yet but has the great possibility to be the alternative of any other ways for bloggers.

Selling Backlinks

This is another income source for Nepali bloggers. When anyone creates a website he wants to rank fast on google and increase his domain authority. Creating more backlinks from a good website is the best way to build trust with Google. 

Many Established bloggers make money blogging by selling backlinks to new sites.

Guest Post

If you are thinking guest posts are free, then you are wrong. Sometimes bloggers charge to accept your guest post. Sometimes they accept your guest post if they think it's worth publishing on their site but if they don't think that they may offer you to pay for the guest post.

This happens less but it helps Nepali bloggers to earn money and make their site up to date.

Ads and Sponsors

This is the major earning source of Nepali blogger blogging in the Nepali language. As Adsense does not support the Nepali language they cannot earn money from Google Adsense, they have to place the Ads and accept the sponsorship from different brands and companies.

You can see Nepali online News portals showing the ads of TVS bikes, Banks, Pipes and fittings, and so on. 

eBooks and Courses

Bloggers also make money blogging in Nepal selling their eBooks and courses. Readers are always eager to know the secret of their success and want to get money-making ideas. 

Bloggers prepare eBooks and sell them online through their blogs. They may offer SEO courses, Moneymaking idea books, and any other.

Secrets of Earning Money from Blogging in Nepal

Do you know your interest and passion are the main secrets of earning money from blogging? Yeah! you have heard this line more than a thousand times. But not only your interest and passion other things also determine your online earnings.

When you search for how to earn money online in Nepal. You will see the top result suggesting you start either a youtube channel or start a blog.

We will talk about blogs and how we can make money blogging in Nepal if you don't even know the S of SEO. 

You and Your Spirit of Blogging

The four things that matter about your success in blogging primarily are your passion, interest, regularity, and effort to make it happen.

I left two blogs because I had selected the blog niche out of my interest. I wrote more than 15 articles but my mind was left blank getting ideas after that.

If you start blogging seeing the earnings and the popularity of a successful blog then it is very harmful to you. This wastes your time. This wastes your money and kicks you into depression.

If you are starting a blog then consider a thing how you can add value to search engines by sharing your knowledge. It does not mean that you have to be a professional or expert in your niche. 

One thing you must have is the capacity to research and execute. There are lot of unmanaged, less accurate, unorganized, and low-value content on the web. You can beat them by researching and providing quality content in front of them.

Focus on On-Page SEO

Besides these, you must take it as a part of your day-to-day activity. I suggest you not focus on backlinks and off-page SEO highly in the beginning.

The more you focus on on-page SEO, the more will be the chance of your success. If you have the least budget and you are running for backlinks then I swear you will get tired of blogging one day.

Doing on-page SEO is very important and you can learn just by watching the youtube tutorials. Once you learn about internal linking, keyword placement, and major factors of on-page SEO then no one can stop you from ranking in low competition keywords.


If you do anything regularly it teaches you a lot. When you are new to blogging then regularity could be the key factor in your success in Blogging. 

If you want to make money blogging in Nepal, make yourself regular. Other things like content quality are also the major factor that a blogger must mind.

How much does a Nepali Blogger Earn per Month?

This is the most asked question of new Nepali Bloggers. I already mentioned Nepali bloggers make money through Adsense, Backlinks selling, Promotion, Affiliate Marketing, eBooks, and so on. Their gross monthly income heads up to 20 to 40 thousand.

Besides the earnings and the money utility created by blogging, there are lots of applications of blogging that a business cannot avoid for its growth.

The earning of a blogger depends upon his niche, the traffic, and the targeted audience. Affiliate bloggers tend to earn more revenue. A Nepali blogger can earn at least 10 to 12 thousand in a month just working 3-4 hours a day.

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