Due to the various security reasons, we need to know how to use eSewa safely? We are in the phase of digitalization and neglect the key aspects of security and privacy in our daily life. Concerning such things, I will tell you about 3 settings on eSewa that you must review to keep your eSewa wallet safe and secure.

Many of us use eSewa daily for online payment, transactions, top-up, refer and earn purpose, and other tons of activities. As the usage of eSewa in Nepal is very high, there could be the risk of fraud. It is very necessary for every user to keep their eSewa account safe and secure. There are many features provided by eSewa that we never use. We can make our eSewa account safer using those features.

Esewa Security Features

Esewa account's security is as important as the security of your bank account. You must not neglect its security. There are many chances of hacking and fraud activities in the digital field. Knowing the essence of the security tips I will share 3 eSewa tips on how to use eSewa safely?

We use eSewa due to various reasons, sometimes it has normal usages but sometimes we must consider different features provided by the digital wallet. There are many advanced features in eSewa that you can use to make your eSewa account safe.

We do different transactions using our eSewa account day to day. We do eSewa to eSewa transfer, which is the easiest method of transferring money online. Since eSewa to eSewa transfer charges is zero it is loved by many users. However, it deducts charges in bank transfers and withdrawals.

Friends, let's know what are those features provided by the eSewa app that we must use to make our eSewa account safe.

You can find all the 3 settings that I am going to discuss in Device & Credentials. You need to login eSewa and go to your eSewa profile. There you will find Device and Credentials in the second option.


When you land on the Device & Credentials page you will see My Device, Credentials, and Notification IDs. We will discuss this setting separately.

My Device

In this option, you will be shown the list of devices on which your eSewa ID is logged in. Ensure that all the devices shown in the list are owned and being used by you. If you see a device that you do not know then, you have to delete the device. Deleting the device automatically logs out your eSewa ID from that device.

If you logged in to someone's phone and forget to log out or if you lost the phone where you have logged in to your eSewa ID then you can use this security feature to secure your eSewa account. Remove all the devices that you do not own or use. 


To remove the device click on the three dots shown by the side of the device detail card and click on remove. It will ask you to write remarks on why you are removing the device. If you are thinking about what to write in remarks in eSewa then, it's simple. Write whatever you want - like, for safety, etc.

Doing this helps you to remove your eSewa ID from the device that you don't want to be logged in to.


Credentials refer to the certificates and the evidence mainly. Here in the eSewa, we can add another credential rather than our primary credential. We can add two phone numbers in eSewa from credentials. If you want to hide your primary details or number while sending and receiving money from eSewa then you can add another phone number to eSewa. 


Adding multiple numbers in eSewa makes your account more secure. When you want to receive money from someone and do not want to reveal your primary number then you can use another number to receive the money.

Simply, click on the add button there and give the necessary information and verify it to add as your secondary number in eSewa.

Notification ID

This is the feature of eSewa which delivers you different notifications of transactions and any other changes made with your eSewa account. You can add either your email id or your phone number wherever you want to transfer the notification. 


This also helps in your account recovery, if anything goes wrong in the future. You can add your number by clicking on add button shown there. You need to verify the phone number with the OTP code and email with the verification link. It's actually a simple process. 

All the notification related to your account is transferred to your notification id (email or phone number) after you add the notification id to your eSewa account. This helps you get in touch with the activities happening with your account without logging in eSewa. 

To remove the notification ID from your eSewa account simply click on the three dots shown in the notification number's or email's card and click on remove.


I shared 3 eSewa tips on how to use eSewa safely. Follow the steps mentioned above carefully to protect your eSewa account from frauds and hackers. You can contact eSewa customer care if anything goes wrong. If you are facing the problem of eSewa account not working and not being logged in then contact eSewa customer care help desk and ask them to reset the devices from their system. If you face any problems doing this leave a comment below.

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