If you are searching for how to create an Upwork Profile in 2021 then you are in right place. We are going to talk about the freelancing platform Upwork today in Santosh's Blog. We need to create a profile in Upwork to start our freelancing journey but just creating a profile doesn't work here. We should create a professional profile here to get approved by Upwork. Upwork is one of the ways to earn money online in Nepal.

How to Create Upwork Profile in 2021

Earning money from freelancing seems to be easy but it is quite hard in actuality. Due to the growth of the internet and the expansion of the digital world we got several ways to earn money. One of the methods to earn money online in Nepal is Upwork.

 Apart from that, we became quite late in the crowd of earners due to its higher demand and the lower numbers of investors. Actually, I am trying to tell that the group of freelancers is massive in comparison to the person who hires the freelancers. But you can create a profile that can win clients by using simple tricks.

We need to be very competitive to earn money online using freelancing platforms. It needs continuity, hard work, dedication, and patient. The aspirants who desire to earn money die early at the beginning because it needs a higher level of dedication. 

What is Upwork?

Upwork is a freelancing platform offering freelancers to sell their skills and others to freelancing services. It charges certain rates for providing you the platform of connection.

Can I start freelancing in Upwork?

Of course, if you want to earn money online in Nepal as well as from the rest of the world and if you possess skills like writing, marketing, translating, designing, editing, developing, etc. you can join freelancing today.

You do not need to be a top-level professional degree holder but you must have some level of knowledge and skills. Like you might be good at photo editing, video editing, logo designing, translating, writing blogs.

How to Create Upwork Profile in 2021

How to Create an Upwork Profile in 2021?

Here is the main part that I was trying to share with you. You must have to create your profile in a good and professional manner so that you can get approved by Upwork and trusted by the clients. The main secrete behind the rejection of your profile is that you do not create a professional and unique profile. It might be also because the service you are offering there is already in higher amount. The clients are indeed less compared to the freelancers as a result sometimes Upwork rejects similar-looking profile requests. Let's go through step by step how to create an Upwork Profile in 2021?

Sign-up to the Upwork.

Create Upwork Profile
Upwork Sign-up

You can easily get your free account in Upwork using your Gmail.

Fill Up the Information

Create Upwork Profile
Complete Upwork account setup

You can easily fill up your name, password, and country to create an Upwork profile. Don't forget to select work as a freelancer in the account setup form.
After that simply click on create my account.

Email Confirmation

Create Upwork Profile
Verify Email address

After sending your primary information and email address to Upwork, you will see like this then open your Gmail.
You will see a confirmation email send by Upwork follow the email to proceed.

Getting Started and Setting Profile Up

How to Create Upwork Profile in 2021
Getting Started

If you have a profile on LinkedIn then you can easily upload your LinkedIn profile but I recommend you to manually fill up the profile.


Choose the category like writing, editing in which you are an expert.
Then add your skills in the below bar.
Press next to save changes and move ahead.

Expertise Level

Choose Entry level, or Intermediate, or Expert. You can choose one among the three according to your expertise level. 


Add all the details asked in the education tab. Try to add authentic information which will help to build trust between you and customers.


Further in the employment tab add all the employment history that matches your freelancing profile which helps you to build a professional profile. 


I recommend you choose the maximum languages you can work with. It is the most important step in profile building. Please do not select the language that you can not speak, write and understand because it affects your future in Upwork. For example, if you get selected for the job and any client wanted to talk with you in calls then what will you do? You have to bear great loss at that time.

Hourly Rate

Input the hourly rate you want to receive from the client. You can choose it according to your expertise level and the nature of the skill or service you are offering to the client. You can take ideas from the other freelancer's profile before fixing the hourly rate.

Upwork cuts off 20% from the hourly rate you charge to the client at the beginning till you make five hundred dollars as a service charge. 

How to Create Upwork Profile in 2021
Hourly Rate in Upwork

Upwork charges 20% till 500 dollars and 10% from 500 to 10000 dollars and 5% above 10000 dollars income.

Title and Overview 

How to Create Upwork Profile in 2021
Title and Overview

This is the crucial part to create an Upwork profile in your Upwork account. You must have to create an awesome title as shown in the figure above. For example, If you have chosen writing as your skill and category of freelancing then your title may look like "Experienced Blog Writer". It's unique and informative. Title appears in your profile which lets clients know your best service in the Upwork.

I would write like this in the professional overview If I were creating an account for writing.
Want to gain more traffics and followers to your blog? The key factor of gaining traffic and followers is engaging content.  
I have been writing contents in blog for 4 years. My contents are being able to attract huge list of vievers. Its a time to tempete your viewers through my engaging skills of writing.

The above-shown script is just a demo. You must have to write a long description of about 400 words in an impressive manner so that the client can easily know your professionalism and the way of working. 

Next sample for Translation Profile

I am a qualified English-Nepali, English-Hindi, Hindi-English, Nepali-English translator and hold a professional background in translation. I have worked professionally in the translation field for the past year. 

Having specialized in legal, economic, and medical texts, I have gathered substantial experience translating contracts, lawyers' reports, press releases, business studies, web content, and marketing texts. I have professionalism in translating emails, documentations, CVs, contract Translations, captions, agreements. I have a good background in valuing time with the higher client satisfaction at my professional desk too.

Profile Picture

Upload your profile picture. Upwork itself says that profiles with the best profile picture and digital kinds of stuff like photos and videos are liable to be highly hired by clients.

Location & Phone Number

Now you are left only to submit your location and the phone number. You may have to verify your mobile number so that use the currently available number to the Upwork.

Hit next and it will direct you to the next page. Here you create a new Upwork profile.

You are at the final stage to submit the profile to Upwork. Review all the information provided there and if you want to change them edit. When you are done tap on the Submit button.

Payment Procedures of Upwork

You can easily check out your earnings from Upwork to your bank account. There are no barriers to check out your income, you can check out if there are 10 dollars or if there are 10000 dollars. You must link your bank account to your profile before checking out your earning.

Upwork firstly deals with the clients about their budget for their projects and asks to verify their budget by depositing the budget to Upwork. But the control over the budget still remains with the client. After the project ends and freelancers deliver their order, the client requests Upwork to release the payment. Clients cannot cheat on the freelancers here in Upwork. You are very safe to work here.

Many newcomers doubt the payment method and the easy payment of freelancing websites but Upwork is simple and easy if you want to earn money online in Nepal as well as from the rest of the world.

After you create an Upwork profile you can fill up the banking details in the profile where you want to receive the earnings.

Upwork Account Request Approval

The account request approval depends on the situation and time. Later on, in 2020, the profile was rejected at a higher rate because there were fewer clients ordering the services. Another reason behind the profile rejection is that users create a similar-looking profile and offer the same services. When Upwork does not find the uniqueness in the account, it rejects the profile. 

You will get the mail to your Gmail if your profile got approved there. It usually takes 24 hours to get the mail. 


The very bad part about freelancing is that no one believes you at first. You may have to struggle up to 5 to 6 months to get a single work in such sites. In the beginning, you don't have any work completion history and knowledge to approach for the work that's why you fail to succeed at first. On the other hand continuity and motivation really works in this field. You must be active day to day in the Upwork to earn money online day to day if possible. Don't lose your hope.

The main mistake a beginner does is that he/she sends proposals to random clients without studying and analyzing the clients. Don't hurry in sending proposals because you have to spend certain connects to send proposals in Upwork. You must learn how to write upwork proposal before you send proposal if you are a beginner.

You can get 20 connects at the beginning. You must have to get connect to send proposals hence use them wisely by analyzing the client post and the client's history, the number of applicants applying, and the freelancer the client is seeking. You can get your first work only if you apply wisely. Writing a professional proposal with tempting words and zero grammatical mistakes also matters in Upwork.

The main thing that works in online earning and the online job is endless motivation and continuity.

If you also want to work as a freelancer and have the motivation to work create an Upwork profile now.