If you are wondering to learn how to write Upwork proposal that wins the job then you are in the right place. There is very high competition in Upwork. There are a lot of experienced and established freelancers who get jobs easily. 


If you are a newbie then it becomes harder for you to get your first job. After you create an Upwork profile you need to send a proposal for the right job that suits your skillset. Many new freelancers struggle more than half a year to get a job in freelancing sites like Upwork. Although freelancing is the legit and the best way to earn money online, there are lots of barriers to getting your first job as a new freelancer.

This all happens because you are new at the platform and Upwork does not show faith in you. I mean you do not have any batch that Upwork gives to you like, top-rated, etc. Besides this, your past experience from your career can not play defining role to win a job in Upwork. All the thing that matters to win the desired job is your way of communicating with the client and persuading him.

Your experience, skill, and enthusiasm for the working mechanism come after you get a response or get selected from your proposal. Hence writing a good Upwork proposal is necessary to get the desired job in Upwork.

Let's learn how to write Upwork proposal that wins the job. When you become a rated freelancer and develop a community in the work you don't need to focus on proposals. You will get lots of offers and you can easily handle the work of writing a proposal for the right job for you. You possess past experience on the techniques of winning the desired job.

How to write Upwork proposal?

Today I will show you how to write Upwork proposal that wins the job. You must consider 7 Cs of communication while writing a proposal for Upwork jobs or any business conversation.

You will be able to write the best and job-winning proposal for Upwork if you consider the 7Cs of communication. You must consider the things like clarity, conciseness, correctness, completeness, concreteness, consideration, and courtesy while writing an Upwork proposal.


As the proposal for a job in Upwork is like business communication, we must mind more than punctuation, spelling, and grammatical mistakes. A correct proposal has the following features:

✓ It contains facts and figures.

✓ Clear words are used that build your perfectness in a clever manner.

✓ A correct proposal can not get misinterpreted. Many times the client understands another thing despite you are trying to figure the other thing.

Here are the guidelines to write a correct proposal for Upwork.

✓ Maintain acceptable writing mechanism.

✓ Include accurate data and stats.

✓ Use Grammarly extension in your browser to check spelling and grammatical errors.

✓ Use a correct level of language.


Now is the turn to learn how to write Upwork proposal concisely. Do you love long and time-consuming promotions? Of course not. The proposals are also like a promotion about you for getting a job. The client receives piles of proposals for a job post and he/she doesn't want to waste his/her time reading the long proposal to know a single applicant. 

You need to make your proposal short, quick, engaging, and interesting to win a job in Upwork.

A concise Upwork proposal has the following features.

✓ It saves the time of hiring clients.

✓ It does not contain excessive and needless words.

✓ The concise proposal is more appealing and comprehensive. That creates a chance for your selection for the particular job.

Here are the guidelines to write a concise proposal for Upwork.

✓ Omit trite expression

✓ Avoid unnecessary repetition

✓ Include your past achievement in a similar kind of job in short. Don't write more about yourself.

✓ Show your interest to talk with clients in calls and other mediums in place of long greetings and hi-hello.


You should write Upwork proposal with clarity. Clarity refers to the clear understanding of the proposal by the client. When the proposal is clear, the client doesn't face any problem in getting your spirit and helps him in decision making.

A clear proposal has the following features.

✓ It helps clients in fast decision-making. The client often becomes happier with a clear mindset. Your clear proposal does clarification for your clear mindset and genuine spirit of working.

✓ It enhances the meaning of the proposal.

✓ It shows the clear mechanism of work and the result.

We can achieve clarity in our Upwork proposal by:

✓ Choosing short and familiar words.

✓ Make the paragraphs short as well as smart.

✓ Include examples and illustrations.

     You see the option of adding files and attachments along with the proposal when you wrote an Upwork proposal. You can add the specimen of the working method, your previous work, and your skill presenting stuff related to the job. This makes a proposal clear and fascinating.


You must write Upwork proposal in a complete manner. Every communication must be complete. Your proposal must convey all the facts required for the job. Do you know most of the proposal from new freelancers seems to be incomplete because they do not read the job post and details about it thoroughly?

You do not need to make sentences for the proposal, you will get most of the idea for the content inside the proposal from the job post itself. One proven way to impress the client is that make him/her feel that you read the job post completely and analyze the desire of the client.

A complete proposal contains the following things 

✓ Details about how long the task takes time to be completed.

✓ What you can offer to the client. Try mentioning such things in point so that they can impress the client.

✓ Don't leave a client in dilemma about your enthusiasm and skills.

You can achieve it by: 

✓ Answering all the questions asked in the job post. Don't leave any questions asked in the post. Feel the core spirit of the client and answer the questions to impress him/her.

✓ Check for 5 W's - when, what, which, etc. If they can be answered according to the context.


A concrete Upwork proposal implies being particular and clear rather than fuzzy and general. Now is the turn to learn how to write Upwork proposal concretely. Mind that the proposal is not written to talk general. You must be particular and focus on concrete matters. 

A concrete message contains the following features:

✓ Try to establish yourself as a skilled person in a way that the client doesn't feel irritated on your own praise.

✓ It helps build your image and reputation.

A concrete proposal can be written by applying the following guidelines:

✓ Use necessary points only.

✓ Use action verbs.

✓ Choose vivid image-building words.


This topic focuses more on building ' You Attitude ' to impress the client. Consideration refers to giving importance to the client. Consideration is the most important topic on how to write Upwork proposal that wins the job.

Here are the points that you can follow to make your proposal more considerate.

✓ Emphasis on YOU Attitude. { You attitude means writing a proposal from the point of view of the client showing that the work of the client is very important.}

Most of the people write more about themselves forgetting the client ao that the client feel bad of you. You should try to show respect and give importance to the client by mentioning him/her in a healthy way.

✓ Exhibit your interest in talking with the client through calls and other mediums if possible. It shows your confidence and loyalty to work.

✓ Talk about how you can complete the task beautifully with glory and delight concisely.

✓ A positive attitude is a must.


Writing Upwork proposals in a courteous manner helps impress the client. Maintain your courtesy being polite, judicious, reflective, and enthusiastic through your proposal. You can feel that when someone asks something to you politely then your mind thinks differently rather than getting asked rampantly and jargon way.

You can maintain courtesy in your proposal by:

✓ Cover the view and feelings of the receiver.

✓ Focus on positively and audience.

✓ Don't make it all biased.

✓ Show some respect to the client.

✓ Be tactful.

✓ Omit irritated expression.

✓ Send the proposal promptly as the client posts the job.

I suggest you send a proposal to the newest job post so that you get more chance of selection. This is the most important technique to get the job. See there in the job post how many people have sent the proposal. Only send the proposal to the job post which has been proposed by less number of freelancers.

Example of Job-Winning Upwork Proposal

Here is an example of a job-winning Upwork proposal.

Hello! I see you need some help inspecting audio quality. I can help with that and can start right away!

I'm great fit for the role of inspecting audio quality as I am fluent in speaking and writing Hindi. My goals are to provide information you if the audio content is anti-social, contains many profile voices or if logical or not. I am speaking Hindi language from my first step to the earth.

I can make this work easier through my professionalism. As per my evaluation I have all the requirements you have mentioned. As I am a student learning online I have lots of time for my work to drive my client's satisfaction higher.

Do you have any questions for me?

Here is another example of an Upwork Proposal.

Hi there, I am glad to know that you need a creative and skillful writer at low rates. I am a great fit for your project. As I have been writing the blog posts, reviews, and descriptive articles on my own different 5 websites, I can handle your project easily and effectively. I am ready to work on your project at 50$ which is the correct half of your estimation. I can write 150 distinctive descriptions with the same core meaning in a short period as well as a low rate. I guarantee that you won't disappoint working with me. I don't compromise with the quality. I would love to discuss your project further with you and how we can work together to drive quality outcomes. Best Regards Santosh K. Thapa

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