Hi friends, I am again back with 8 things that you can do to earn money online from mobile. There are lots of opportunities created by smartphones. If you can use them well then you do not need to depend upon any job. One can earn money without investment from a mobile phone.


You can fulfill all of your dream using the power of the digital world simplified by a mobile phone. We have successful examples living like boos of their own. You can not just earn money online from mobile, you can also create your own identity in society adding some value to society.

There is a saying that one should not live inside the boundary, one should live in his dream. Yeah! you can live your dream following your interest and passion.

This article is for everyone who wants to multiply his/her income, start online earning from a mobile, or give a shape to dream. No matter if you are a businessman no matter if you are a student, no matter if you are professional, no matter if you are a job holder, no matter if you are unemployed, if you have will power to do something for your dream then you can do it.

I will discuss the 8 opportunities that are going to help you grow online just from your mobile phone.

Do you know we all think that what is happening? But a successful person thinks what is going to happen? Digitalization is the future and it is going to happen. Internet is rapidly growing among us. We wait to do but don't wait to ask the internet to do things for us.

How to earn money online from mobile?

It's a commonly asked question after the lockdown. We are wasting the most time surfing the internet. Look how the community on Facebook, youtube, WhatsApp, and google is increasing day by day. Look at the belief of people towards social media and the internet. Look at the interest and the obligation of people.

You can earn money from your mobile phone using the interest, belief, and the obligation of people to use the internet.

Here I am going to share some ideas that you can start to earn money online from mobile.

Youtube Video

Mobile phones have become the smartest gadget nowadays. They can not just make calls now, they can create high-quality videos too. The demand for video content is high in comparison to the other content. If you are asked to choose between an article and a video then I guarantee you will choose video content if you have a good internet connection.

It's not a big deal to create youtube videos with a mobile phone. We can find most of the successful YouTubers had started the Youtube journey with the mobile camera.


Blogging is another thing that you can try to earn money online from mobile. You don't have to worry about typing now we have voice typing for typing. It's really boring typing on a mobile screen but you can use the voice typing of google to write the blog posts. 

Blogging is considered one of the most profitable online works over the internet. 

Referring Apps 

You can use the different apps and refer to other people and earn money online. I have a big experience of using them. The withdrawal process after earning some amount is easy and convenient as well.

Referring to apps is the best way to make money online

Facebook Marketplace

This is another thing that you can do to earn money online from Facebook. You can sell new and second-hand products to customers using the Facebook marketplace. 

You cannot just sell your own products, you can also work as a mediator to sell products of different people and earn commission from them. You can earn commission selling a product at a reasonable market price adding a surplus amount over the products.

Hamro Bazzar Broker

Hamrobazar.com is already an established second-hand products marketplace. You can work as a hamro bazar broker to earn money online from mobile.  This work can be done through your smartphone. When your service sells other's second-hand products you can expand it by using laptops and computers.

This type of business have great scope in recent times.


This is an online job that can be done by a person who doesn't even know about the online jobs, doesn't have a good educational background, and have a smartphone just.

All you need to do is take part in the surveys through different websites and apps which pay you for your participation and answer. The earning phase in such work is slow but they are the genuine source of online earning in Nepal. You can start participating in the surveys with simple and easy steps.


We all know the most popular short videos sharing social platform TikTok. You can make money from TikTok by publishing engaging short video content on TikTok. There you can go TikTok live and get rewards. This work is done only from mobile. Probably, we don't use computers and other things to make TikTok videos in most cases. 

Yeah we use DSLRs and video editing software but your smartphone is enough to help you make money from TikTok 


Instagram became the best place to generate online income nowadays. First, you need to select a proper niche and publish video or photo content that you wish to do. You can get brands to invest in for their promotion and help to make you earn money. 

The online earning from Instagram is very high as we can see the example of established earners who are earning up to 5 lakhs per month. You can work as an Instagram influencer or establish your Insta page as a brand of any niche where you are best at.

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