Hi friends, today I am going to share some ideas with you so that you can go viral on TikTok in Nepal with 0 followers. We all use TikTok today, but our wish to go viral on TikTok is not yet fulfilled. I am here to help you in this mean.

Getting followers on any social media is like snatching the mean from the mouth of the tiger. But getting followers in TikTok is not so hard. If you deliver engaging content to the viewers it's quite easy to gain followers in TikTok.

How to go viral on TikTok in Nepal with 0 followers?

I am going to suggest you some tricks so that you can go viral on TikTok in Nepal with 0 followers. It does not matter if you have followers or not. It matters what is the response of viewers towards your video. Hence you have to focus on making engaging videos that deliver value to the viewers. The value of your video could be educational, entertainment, or anything else.

I will show you the example that the number of followers does not hold the possibility of making the video viral.

Here it goes.

Pick up the Trendy Topics

This is the most relevant way to go viral on TikTok with 0 followers. You have to pick up the trendy topic that people are loving to watch and talking about. Not going far, I myself posted a video regarding the abolishment of the Sati System on its anniversary which has crossed more than 135k views.

I have seen that people who follow the trend are the leaders in TikTok and any other social media. Like many TikTokers never left the opportunity to talk about Paul Shah and Sandip Lamichane to go viral. They never left the opportunity to talk about the Balen Shah and Harka Sampang. 

I don't know whether they did a good job by posting videos talking about them or not but this is how they gain followers and made their video viral. However, talking about current affairs is not a mistake but we should abide by the country's law.

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Hashtags (#) have unbelievable power in the world of social media from Facebook to TikTok to Twitter to YouTube. If you use hashtags in the correct way then they can help you grow your social account. It creates a separate album of your category in the social platform. If you continuously add #santoshkthapa in each and every video then it creates your identity. If anyone searches using that hashtag then all your videos become visible to that person.

Hashtag plays an important role to make videos viral on TikTok. If your account does not get visible to others while searching for your name then you can use the hashtag of your name in your video description. It solves that problem. It's my experience.

Another example is that, If you are talking about Harka Sampang in your video then try #harkasampang in the description of your video. It helps in delivering your videos to those viewers who have previously watched videos related to that keyword or hashtag.

I hope you get quite some information about TikTok's algorithm on how it makes a video viral.

Shares and Copy Link

It is one of the known tricks to go viral on TikTok in Nepal with 0 followers. It's normal that when we share something it spreads and reaches more people. Likewise in TikTok, there is the option to copy the link when you tap on the share button. When someone copies the link of the video, the algorithm of TikTok receives the positive message that people are loving the video and it boosts the video.

Besides this, there are more things that your viewers can do. Such as mark as a favorite. It also works like copy link it also helps in relaying the good message to the algorithm of TikTok that people are loving the video and it starts increasing its reach.

Audience Retention

Although the TikTok videos are not long as YouTube videos, a kind of audience retention works here. If you upload long videos in TikTok having a duration of more than 1 minute then, it applies more. If the viewer doesn't spend even a minimum of time in the video then it relays a negative message to the algorithm.

On contrary, when people spend at least a minimum of time it relays the positive message to TikTok's algorithm. In general, if a viewer watches the video fully or maximum or reacts to the video through likes, comments, or shares then it increases the audience retention rate. It is very important to go viral on TikTok in Nepal with 0 followers.


If you want to grow on any social media platform, then you must be consistence. You should plan, think and execute in a systematic manner so that your viewer finds you evenly. If you work 1 week continuously uploading 3/4 videos a day but vanish for the next 1 week then it's not gonna work.

If you want to go viral on TikTok with 0 followers then you must work consistently. It does not works for TikTok only it is applicable for each and every work. As there is saying slow and steady wins, continuous and hard work always wins.


I hope you loved the article on the topic "How to go viral on TikTok in Nepal with 0 followers?" If you have any questions related to TikTok, you can leave your question in the comment box. Keep loving Santosh's Blog. Try using the above-mentioned tricks to gain views and followers in TikTok. I will be back again with more tips and tricks soon.

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