Big Chance to get Upcoming IPO of Green Ventures
Big Chance to get Upcoming IPO of Green Ventures

Green Ventures Ltd is going to issue huge amounts of shares to the general public and the locals through Initial Public Offering (IPO). Although we waited a lot for this IPO to release it is being approved so soon. Let's know more about the upcoming IPO of Green Ventures.

Green Ventures Ltd had sent the application for the IPO approval in the year 2077 almost eight months ago from now in 2077/11/28. It was left on the IPO pipeline of SEBON for a long time due to the policy and the documentation issues.

What topics we are going to cover here?

  • About IPO issuing company
  • How many units are going to be issued?
  • How much does it cost for a unit of IPO?
  • Who is the issue manager?

Now the Upcoming IPO of Green Ventures Ltd has reached the stage of replied and under review. We can observe Nesdo Lagubitta and Bindabashini Hydropower Development Company Ltd in the same stage. It is yet to be confirmed which company will get the approval first.

As we see the status of Green Ventures Ltd in the IPO pipeline it has been commented on 2078/01/24 and it has already replied to the comment in 2077/03/24.

Green Ventures Ltd is working in the district Okhaldhunga and Ramechap to generate a total of 120 MW of electricity. It is issuing IPO for the local people who are affected by the projects and the general people too. This company will allocate 2-5 percent of its shares for its employees too. Again, 5 percent of the total units will be allocated for the mutual funds.

The total units of share that Green Ventures Ltd is going to issue are 62,50,000. It will be issued for the general and local public. The Upcoming IPO of Green Ventures Ltd is one of the big IPO comparing the recent upcoming IPO.

There is a big chance to get the upcoming IPO of Green Ventures Ltd because it is issuing large units of shares to the local and general public. Although the Demat account holders in Nepal are also in huge number, the chances rise up at some extinct when big IPO announces.

Laxmi Capital has been selected as the issue manager for this IPO. You can check the result of this IPO from the official website of Laxmi Capital. You can also check the results of IPO in the mero share but the issue manager publishes the result first. The result of the upcoming IPO of Green Ventures will also be published on the issue manager's website. So for the fast assessment, you can see your result from the website of Laxmi Capital Ltd.

Green Venture Ltd is going to issue the IPO on par. This means that we can buy the upcoming IPO of green Ventures at 100 rupees per share. We do not need to apply for more than 10 units of share because SEBON only permits to allocate 10 shares per person if it gets oversubscribed. 

Friends so let's wait for the issue date and keep gathering the financial information about the company which will help you to play with the stock in the secondary market and do further investing plans.

As we research the pre analytics of Green Ventures Ltd, Care Rating Nepal has given the rating of Double B (CARE-NP BB). Double B rating is considered as the good level of rating and shows the moderate level of the risks with the company. I hope you get concrete information about the upcoming IPO of Green Ventures Ltd.