We all see youths carrying DSLR and asking visitors to capture photo in various tourist place. When you visit the popular tourist sites like Swyambhunath Stupa, Pashupatinath Temple, and so many other places in Kathmandu you see such photographers. But some of the heritage caretaker local organizations has banned such photographers to do their jobs. Like Sangha, where there is the tallest Lord Shiva statue, there is only one photographer office operating. No other professionals are allowed. 

It is a decent profession for the skillful photographers who want to carry their livelihood independently. Students and youths consider it as the good source of earning. Generally they take photo of visitors in around 10 to 20 NRS per photo, which is also loved by the visitors who want to get their high quality photo for their memories. 

Some of the local government has enforced a separate regulation regarding the tourist photography. But the action has not been adequate. It is taken over by the so called dons around the locality. Such kind of activity has be noticed in Phewa Lake, Pokhara. 

The local government made the rules regarding the photography in the Phewa Lake, and enforced the rule to collect the royalty of 4 thousand 5 hundred per year but it is being ruled by the local so called dons in Phewa. They are continuously collecting the monthly charges of around 13 thousand per photograph for getting the chance to operate around the Phewa Lake. It has created the syndicate in the Phewa Lake Tourist Photography. They has pre determined the limited quota of only 25 photographers and already given to their closed photographers taking the extra bugs. 

Its good to manage such things in the tourist palace but on the other hand the so called dons are getting the advantage illegally. The local body is unknown even after knowing everything. Due to which the youth photographers are getting a lot of trouble.

Concerning the issue and the complaints reputed journalist Apil Tripathi and his team has done a sting operation to dig the truth which is available on Phalano News Youtube Channel. You can watch here.