Hi friends! Nowadays, the term IPO and share are being generalized day by day. We gotta see different news related to the success of investors in the share market. It’s normal that we also want to enter the share market and safely land our investment in a profitable company. To develop you as a confident and competitive beginner I will give you 10 tips for entering the Nepali share market.

10 tips for entering the Nepali Share Market
10 tips for entering the Nepali Share Market

Nepali Share Market- Current Context

Although share and IPO is now a common word to speak, most of us are not being able to enter the share market due to its complicated appearance. It’s harder for us to know the business terms and select the best company to invest our valuable earning.

We usually listen that someone became a billionaire investing just some cents in the share market as well as we see someone falling in high deficit investing every cent.

It’s true that we can be a billionaire investing in the share market. But keep in mind share market is multi-dimensional and it gets affected by so many elements inside and outside the market. 

We must have to research, analyze and know the financial situation, upcoming plan, and the aim of the company before choosing the company for investment. When we fail to give proper attention to such things we may fail in profit maximization or even eat the dust.

We have to know each and every aspect of the company and the current economy of the country before investing, although risk-taking is an essential factor for investors. I will give you 10 tips for entering the Nepali Share Market.

10 tips For entering the Nepali Share Market

For getting rid of those weaknesses we should be aware of different things. I have made a list of some tips that can develop you as a rational investor if you are just starting your journey in the share market.

If you keep the tips that I am going to suggest to you in your mindset it will definitely help you select the best company, minimize losses in a market and get success in the share market. I hope you will love to implement these tips in your share market journey.

1. Friends, if you are going to invest in the share market then just invest in that limit up to which you can bear its burden. We cannot ignore the fact that the share market is never consistent so that we should not invest all the resources. Mostly beginner repeats this mistake even after getting lost.

2. If you are planning to invest in the share market by taking loans then you are going wrong. Throw this concept from your mind because we can even eat dust unknowingly in the share market.

3. Don’t enter the share market just because you saw someone getting success here and somebody motivated you. You need deep research and knowledge of terms and affecting elements to make money in this field.

4. You can analyze either the company is good to invest in or not by checking the dividend history of the company. You must think about what kind of profit can be expected from the business evaluating the current progress and situation of the venture. The company and its past should be analyzed because what will you gain depends upon the company.

5. It is true that risks come along with the share market but we have to make us day-to-day update about the profit and loss situation of the company to safeguard us from bearing the higher losses. When we know the current situation of the company where we have invested, we can minimize the loss by selling our shares at the current best values.

6. Make yourself a decider of selling and purchasing activities, don’t let it to others it's a mysterious business in itself.

7. As the economy of a country directly affects the stock market of that country we must be updated about the economical happenings of the countries and plan strategies to enter the market at right time.

8. Don’t miss any information about the company where you are a shareholder.

9. If your share is being neutral without giving any good results, try selling those shares and investing in other companies. You should do a good circulation of your resources. Resources grow with the circulation.

10. Choose the best and responsible broker while doing any business in the secondary market. Every secondary market is full of frauds and risks that we cannot find at first. But when you go with good on you will have a very good experience.

11. Have regular contact with a broker in the secondary market, they can provide you the best deals and information.

If you follow those guidelines and tips while entering the stock market as a beginner you will obviously earn profit in the stock market. It can even change your life if you can think correctly at the correct time, analyze the market condition and evaluate the investing sector perfectly.

Where can I get financial reports of Nepali Companies?

You can get the financial reports of Nepali companies from Different Nepal websites and online portals. Websites like Sharesansar and Nepal Stock Exchange are providing you the financial reports and analytical data of different companies you can study before investing in the Nepali share market. You can also check Merolagani for different shares, IPO debenture-related queries, reports, and results.


I hope you liked the tips for entering the Nepali Share Market. As a beginner, many of us fail but it is very dynamic sector so that we must keep our hope higher than the fatigue. If you followed the tips mentioned above you will get to know the scenario of the Nepali share market easily and you can sustain in the share market easily.