Hi friends, I am going to show you how to open a DEMAT account in Nepal online? There is a huge popularity of IPOs and shares in the Nepali community nowadays. Due to different reasons many of us do not want to bother ourselves visiting the bank for opening a DEMAT account. We can easily open a DEMAT account online from home.  


What is a DEMAT Account?

Demat is a dematerialized account that is known for the digital storage of stocks and shares. DEMAT account stores shares and stocks in digital format. There is a provision of having a DEMAT account to invest in shares and stock in Nepal since 2074 BS. 

DEMAT account facilitates physical system more fast, accessible, reliable and diversified. Now many banks of Nepal have an online form available to open a DEMAT account. We also need to open a MeroShare account to trade shares and stocks online. The Mero Share account opening facility is also provided by the banks and we can open it along with the DEMAT account.

Benefits of DEMAT Account

There are many benefits of opening a DEMAT account. On the other hand, it is mandatory to have a DEMAT account for shares and stock transactions in Nepal since 2074 BS. Following are the major benefits of having a DEMAT account in Nepal.

  • Saves time and makes your shares and securities fastly accessible.
  • Digitalized transaction 
  • We can easily speculate on shares and stocks from our smartphones.
  • Reduced expenses of share transaction and physical burden.
  • There are fewer risks of thefts rather than a physical system.
  • Fast, secure, and reliable transactions.

How to Open a DEMAT Account in Nepal Online?

Firstly, Before you open a DEMAT account, you need to have a normal bank account in any of the banks providing the DEMAT facility. I hope you already have a bank account. If you don't have you can easily open your bank account online.

You are required to provide your identity certificates, three-generation details, and a witness's identity certificate to open a DEMAT account in Nepal

Requirements to Open DEMAT Account in Nepal

Any Nepali citizen whether he/she is a minor or an adult can easily open a DEMAT account in Nepal with a very simple and quick process. Before we move towards the process of opening a DEMAT account let's know the requirements to open a DEMAT account in Nepal.

  • Citizenship Certificate photocopy
  • Your fingerprint's photo (left and right)
  • Your Signature
  • You with your Citizenship or ID card
  • Witness Citizenship photocopy
  • Witness's Signature photo
In case you want to add your nominee. If you do not want to add a nominee then you do not need this.
  • Nominee's Citizenship Certificate photocopy
  • Nominee's Signature and Fingerprint
If you are opening a DEMAT account for Minor then you need to have a Birth certificate of minor and the citizenship certificate of the guardian.

If you have collected the above-mentioned required documents then you are ready to open a DEMAT account in Nepal. 


Search for the DEMAT account online form of your bank in google where you already have a saving or current account. For example- If I have a saving or current account in Global IME Bank then I would search "Global IME Bank Demat account online form" in google.

For your ease, I have made a list of banks offering online DEMAT forms in Nepal. You can select any of them. directly from below.

List of Bank Offering Online DEMAT Form

If you don't have an account in any bank then open your account online or physically visit the bank. Now many banks provide MeroShare, DEMAT, and Saving or current accounts altogether in a single visit.

Click on the link provided above to open the DEMAT account form of the respective bank and start filling it out.

Here I have only mentioned the list of commercial banks. You can also choose development banks to open your DEMAT account.


Fill up the form. Don't forget to select the MeroShare service.

Fill up the form providing the information needed. You can choose either to mention your nominee or not it's upon you.

The form for opening an online DEMAT account looks like this. I have presented the online DEMAT form of Global IME Capital here for reference. All the online DEMAT account form asks for similar information.


How to Reduce Image Size? How to compress image, change format?

If it says the image can not be more than 20kb or any then you can use online image compressor websites to compress the size of your photo.

You can also change the image format using online image compressor. To use it simply search on the google "online image compressor" and go.for tge first result


After you fill up the form and submit it it will ask you for the payment of the DEMAT account charge and MeroShare registration charge. You can pay the charge through your bank account directly or you can use eSewa, IME pay, Khalti, connect-IPS, etc.

Charges for Opening DEMAT Account in Nepal

You have to pay Rs. 50 for the registration and Rs. 100 annually for renewal. Here you have to pay a total of Rs. 150 altogether when you open a DEMAT account in Nepal.

For the MeroShare service, you have to pay Rs. 50 in addition. If you open a DEMAT account in Nepal with the MeroShare service then you have to pay Rs. 200 totally. 

STEP 4: 

You will receive your MeroShare details and DEMAT account details in a few days. After that, you can log in to your Mero Share and apply for the shares.

C-ASBA Charges in Different Banks of Nepal

C-ASBA is the system that connects your DEMAT with your MeroShare. I suggest you open your DEMAT account in those banks that have free C-ASBA charges. Here is the list of banks with their C-ASBA charge.

Bank with Free C-ASBA Charge

C-ASBA Charge in Commercial Banks of Nepal

C-ASBA Charge in Development Bank of Nepal

Note: The C-ASBA charge may change timely or remain the same. 

How Many DEMAT Accounts can I own?

You can own two DEMAT accounts but you can apply for an IPO or Share with your one account only at a time. For more information about applying IPOs and their process read How is IPO allotted in Nepal via Lottery System in Nepal?


I hope you get your quires solved on how to open a DEMAT account in Nepal online? If you have more queries left on opening a DEMAT account or if you are facing difficulties in opening a DEMAT account in Nepal online then you can interact with me in the comment section below.

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