Are you a Youtuber? Are you a Blogger? Are you a Social Media Influencer? Whoever you are if you need a thumbnail and wanna make using free online tools then this article can help you with the maximum extinct. I will show you how to make thumbnails with free online tools practically.

I myself being a blogger using these tools in my blogging journey became able to tempt my viewers and gather their attention through attractive thumbnails. Before describing the process and the tools available online by which you can easily create thumbnails for your social media, blog, and youtube.


The above picture shows some examples of thumbnails that I used in my previous article. I think they look tempting, promising, qualitative, and professional too.

How to Make Thumbnails with Free Online Tools?

A good thumbnail can impact a lot in the field of digital platforms like Blogging, social media (posters), and Youtube. I will show how you can make thumbnails with free online tools with small effort and expertise in editing. There are many ways that you can use to make thumbnails for your video and articles. Many professional Youtubers and Bloggers use Photoshop and this kind of high-end editing software.

But if you have the proper internet connection then it becomes easier for you to create the thumbnails for your videos and other purposes. You can get the benefit of pre-made things to create your desired thumbnails.

I am going to suggest to you some different kinds of websites and tools over the internet which can help you produce your desired thumbnails. In the field of online editing, you may have heard about CANVA, but I am not going to talk about this in this article. Because this offers a lot of things inside the subscription it can not be affordable for many of us like me.

In the solution to this, I am introducing PIXLR to you as the thumbnail-making partner of your Youtube and Blogging journey.

I assume that you are not much perfect in photoshop and photo editing. if you are good at editing photos, please go for photoshop it will definitely withdraw you the better output but if you have little knowledge about editing or even not then you can try PIXLR with some other tools to make your thumbnail.

Tools that You can Use with PIXLR

PIXLR is an online video editing software whose interface almost looks like photoshop. It is also like the CANVA and comes with maximum feature free. It also comes with paid subscription but the feature a Youtuber or a Blogger needs in making Thumbnails are available free of cost. 

PIXLR also provides the Earn Money Online From PIXLR option, we will talk about it in the next article.

It has the very easiest interface including everything that a creator needs for basics to advance. Here is the interface of Pixlr that you can have a look at or visit PIXLR.

In the first display as you can see the OPEN IMAGE tab in 1. You can edit your Image through this option. In number 2 you can see CREATE NEW option, with this you can select the ratio of your image easily and create a new transparent or normal project in PIXLR.

After doing all this you can see the second display where you can see the interface like photoshop. Although it provides you a lot of free features, some features also need expertise to perform. Cutout and so on. To overcome this difficulty I have listed some other free online tools that can make your work easier.


You need to use your own cutouts to make thumbnails with free online tools. Many times you need cutouts to use your photo as PNG in the canvas, at that time you need to remove the background of your photo and use it. To do so there are already given the tools named cutout, lasso, and so on as on photoshop but they are a little bit boring to use. If you start using them, you have to go through the manual process. This may take a lot of time. 

In the solution to this issue, I would like to RECOMMEND you REMOVEBG This is an online free tool website that let you remove the background of your picture with automatic intelligence. It is correct at that level, you don't need to correct even a bit of your image after processing it. I loved this tool. 

This tool is totally free if you want to download your background removed image in non-HD format. You can download a limited number of images in HD format in a day. You can use your different emails to use it more than one time. 

PNG Images

You can use PNG images to make your thumbnails more appealing and professional. There are a lot of websites you can use to get png images. I would like to recommend you PNGTREE for png images. This website is full of PNGs which contains all kind of png files. There is an issue that this is not a free website.

But PNGTREE gives you one download free a day. You can use your multiple Gmail accounts to download many PNGs in a day. It lets you download only one PNG per day.

I will show you the demo of thumbnails that I created using PIXLR and other recommended tools. You can also make thumbnails with free online tools that I recommended to you. 


This is the professional thumbnail that I created using these free online tools. I had created this for the Social media marketing purpose for an event being organized by Tutor Addict. You can easily add your local fonts in PIXLR which makes your work more efficient and professional.

You do not need to worry about the backup, it remains saved in your account if any interruption occurs during the editing process.


I have used the above-mentioned tools and processes to make my thumbnails for my blog, Youtube channel, and Social media for 2 years. After you got the ideas about the free tools all you need to do is release the creativity hidden inside you and create the desired thumbnails. I hope you loved the article on the topic of how to make thumbnails with free online tools.

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