The article "How to get Unlimited Cloud Storage for free" is all based on suggesting free and unlimited cloud storage providers.  Are you tired of cleaning up your phone storage? I know it's really irritating if your phone shows you storage full notification time and again. As an antidote to this problem, I am here to suggest you a legit way so you can get unlimited cloud storage for free.

We have a lot of things to store on our phones but we do not have enough storage on our phones. If you have an expensive phone then you might have 128 GB, or 256 GB storage capacity but if you have a budget smartphone then you only have around 32 to 64 GB storage. I have come up with a solution to the free and one-stop unlimited cloud storage for free.

In this scenario, you get the burden of expanding the storage by adding a memory card to your phone. Some people search for cloud storage and get as but those cloud storages are not free at all and unlimited too. 


If you are the one, you might also have used google drive as cloud storage. The problem is that it only provides you 15 GB of free storage, it's not unlimited. If you want to get more storage you need to purchase the plan.

How to get Unlimited Cloud Storage for free?

You can get unlimited cloud storage for free using Telegram. Telegram is the most secure and fast messaging and file-sharing app which is very popular nowadays in the circle of creators. Today I am going elaborate more on how you can get unlimited cloud storage for free using the telegram app.

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Telegram is a free and secure cloud-based messaging app available on all your devices (phone, computer, and tablet) which is best known for its free premium, fast, secure and powerful synchronizing ability.

We can use it as cloud storage to save our files, photos, videos, and important documents without losing their quality.


Here are the detailed steps describing how to get unlimited cloud storage for free using telegram.

  • Get the telegram app on your phone from the play store or app store.
  • Sign in to the telegram using your mobile number
Now your telegram account is open and you can start messaging and following the channels in the telegram. But to access the facility of unlimited cloud storage for free, you need to do this.

  • Open the telegram channel (process describes at last of the article)
  • Your telegram channel must be private so that only you can access your files and documents.
  • Start uploading the files, photos, and documents.
If you use different devices such as laptop computers and different phones, then you can easily access the files on your private telegram channel all over your devices. They sync seamlessly.

How to use a telegram desktop?

You can easily download the .exe file of telegram just by searching on your browser. You need to download the installer file in accordance with your operating system. For example- if you use a 64bit operating system, download a 64-bit installer.

After you install the telegram desktop, open it and it asks to scan the QR code from your phone.
  • Open the telegram app on your phone
  • Go to settings (you can reach settings by taping three parallel lines on the top left corner)
  • Go to devices
  • Tap on the link desktop device lying at the top of the screen
  • Now you will be able to scan the QR code
  • Scan the QR shown on your desktop screen.
This is how you can log in on your telegram desktop app and access your private channel. It could be the best way to share the files of your phone to your desktop without using data cables or Bluetooth.

How to open a telegram channel?

As I have said, you need to open your private telegram channel to use the unlimited cloud storage for free. Now here are the step-by-step process of how you can open a telegram channel on your new telegram account.

  • Open the telegram app on your phone
  • Tap on the pencil button at the bottom of the right side.
  • Tap on the new channel
  • Set the channel name as you desire
  • Set the channel type as private so that only you can access your files
  • Tap on the tick mark lying at the top right corner.


I hope you got the idea that I intended to convey. Don't forget to leave a comment if the article "How to get Unlimited Cloud Storage for free?" helped you. Stick with Santosh's blog for more updates like this.

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