In the growing trend of applying for IPO, I thought that these sorts of things must be communicated to my readers to help them apply for IPO. People open MeroShare and rampantly apply for the offerings whatever they are, whether they could be IPO for the right share, mutual fund, debenture or equity share, or anything else. But they are intended to apply for the IPO of equity shares.

Here are a few points that are mentioned below that you must take care of while applying for an IPO.

Check the Details Correctly

Check the details of the offering carefully before you apply.

Apply for the Equity Share only

If you are a small investor, I am sure that you only intend to apply for an equity share's IPO. But unknowingly you might be applying for mutual funds and right shares or any other offerings. 

I have seen a lot that many new investors who are new to the share market applying for mutual funds and other offerings although they don't want to apply for them. It all happens because they don't even know what to apply for. 

Here is the picture showing which is IPO for equity shares and which is another offering.


As shown in the figure above, the number one box represents the correct offering that you should apply for, whereas the number 2 box shows the wrong offering because it is not the IPO and not also the equity share.

Likewise, there could be more things offerings like number second, some might be mutual fund but IPO some might be debenture but IPO. But you must only go for the issuance as shown in the number 1 box.

This box contains an IPO badge for general public notice and a company code in the bracket. Right below the IPO badge, there is written ordinary share. If you see such kind of information in the offering then it is that IPO that should be applied and is that one which you are thinking of. You should be aware of such information and mind it before applying.

If you compare box one with the second box, you will find a lot of differences, I have noticed that many meroshare users are applying for the offerings such as second, and another like mutual funds and many more. 

The main motive of this article is to make you aware of the most recurring mistake that you do while applying for IPO if you are new to meroshare and the share market.

I hope this was helpful. If you have any queries related to the IPO and meroshare leave a comment below. HAPPY DASHAIN.

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