South Korea has always been a centre of interest for Nepali workers for foreign employment. One should have to pass EPS Test to get the working visa for south korea. In this article, we will be talking about the various questions a EPS enthusiast always eager to know about. 

South Korea takes employees to work in agricultural and manufacturing sector from Nepal, China, Combodia, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh any many other countries through EPS-TOPIK (UBT) exam.


Who conduct EPS-TOPIK (UBT) exam?

EPS-TOPIK is conducted by Ministry of Labour and Foreign Employment, Korea in collaboration with the Ministry of Labour and Foreign Employment of labour supplying country.

In case of Nepal, Ministry of Labour and Foreign Employment, EPS Korea Branch, Gwarko, Lalitpur conduct the EPS-TOPIK (UBT) exam.

Which is the best institute to study Korean Language EPS-TOPIK inside Kathmandu Valley?

There are lot of choice to the student who want to study korean lanuage inside Kathmandu valley. Kathmandu is a major hub for students all over the Nepal. There are many language center and institution in Kathmandu which can give best value to the EPS enthusiast at an affordable price. Bagbazar, Ratnapark, Chakrapath, Chabahil, Gongabhu are the major areas where popular institution are located. Some of the best institute to study korean language are:

  • Phylon, Maharajgunj
  • Zenith, Bagbazaar
  • Name, Bagbazzar
  • Wave Institute
  • Samakushi Language Center
  • Dream Language Center, Chabahil

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Which is the best institute to study Korean language EPS-TOPIK outside valley?

There are comparitively low choices to students outside the valley to study korean language. But you can find renowned language institute in major cities like Butwal, Jhapa, Nepalgunj, Surkhet, Pokhara, Biratnagar and other cities.

Some of the best institute to study Korean language outside the valley are:

  • Zenith's and Name's outside valley branches
  • Wave Institute
  • Sunrise Language
  • Ocean Institute

How to pass EPS-TOPIK exam? How to prepare for EPS-TOPIK test exam?

Preparing for EPS-TOPIK (UBT) exam is not like a piece of cake. It needs continious effort, dedication, hardwork and patience. There are lot of examine not being success in passig the EPS Topik even in more than 3 tries. On the other hand there are many people who had passed the EPS Topik in their first attempt. Here are the key things that the successor of EPS Topik thoughts as the principle of cracking the Korean language exam.

  • Select the good mentorship or Korean language institute.
  • Know the basics first before moving to advance learning.
  • One should memorize meaning at least up to 40 units.
  • Repeat the meaning and grammar rules regularly. Focus on old already read meanings first rather than moving to new meaning.
  • Use EPS Topik mobile app to do listening test and reading test.
  • Participate in tests and exams regularly.
  • Try to relate the Korean language with Nepali language so that learnig becomes easy.
  • Don't relay on single institute, if you have time take classes on one more than one institute so that you get to know new ideas and techniques.
  • Practice old questions as much as possible.

Which Book is Best for Korean Language/ EPS Topik?

There are many books availiable in market. You can select any one of them but you should only choose a book after you take korean language class for at least 2-3 weeks because that gives you Idea to choose better one.

Best App to practice EPS-TOPIK (UBT) questions, EPS-TOPIK (UBT) old questions

One of the best way to crack EPS-TOPIC (UBT) Exams or Korean language exam is to best practice the old questions. Some of the old question sets of Korean Language EPS-TOPIK (UBT) are attached here.

You can also use Apps availiable in Playstore and Appstore to practice old question. One of the best app to practice set question of EPS-TOPIC (UBT) is Topik Test Korea by Kiran Chhetri.

Total cost to go South Korea in working visa

The total cost to go South Korea in Working Visa ranges around 2 to 3 lakhs Nepali rupees. It may varry in some situation but normally all you have to pay from your pocket is the ticket cost and other miscellaneous.

Korean Language Class Fee

Korean Language/ EPS Topik class fee (tution fee) is not that expensive in Kathmandu valley. It costs around 12 to 15 thousand Nepali rupees. But outside Kathmandu valley it is comparatively expenssive. It costs around 15 to 25 thousand Nepali rupees. It includes whole language package of 3 to 4 month.

Some of the Korean language institute provide EPS Topik book on that cost.

Exam Form Fee

The exam form fee to appear in the EPS Topik test (Korean language exam) is separate for Agriculture Industry applicants and Manufacturing Industry applicants. You have to pay 4 thousand Nepali ruppes for Agriculture form where you have to pay 6 thousand Nepali rupees for Manufacturing form.

Flight Ticket

When you pass the Korean language exam, skill test and interview, you need to buy flight ticket to head South Korea. It costs NRS 1,75,000 to NRS 2,00,000 depending on the season.


Other costs include your test exam, Mock test fee book and stationary cost and health check up.

Can you go south korea in student visa?

One can easily go South Korea for study. He can get student visa for 90 days and can renew after reaching South Korea. More

EPS-TOPIK (UBT) Test/Exam Structure Updated 2023

According to the newly updated EPS-TOPIK Test there will be asked 40 question in total, among them 20 are from reading section and 20 from listening section. You will be allocated 45 minutes time. All the questions will be MCQs.

After you pass the written and listening, you have to appear for skill test, health check ups and interview at the end.

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