Recently a video published by Setopati is going viral on Social media. Where Agriculture Expert Madan Rai is seen harashing girls passing bad phrashes and gestures. Probably you might have already seen it. In this article we will be diagnosing the truth behind the case and better understand the case.

He is now arrested by police.


Madan Rai Sexual Harashment Case

We are going to enlight concern on his moral turpitude and his psychological view on sex and sexual harassment. 

Who is Madan Rai?

Madan Rai, who is the operator of Subhadra Madan foundation is a well know personality in the field of agriculture research. We don't talk about his qualifications his contribution and other things. If you want to know about him please check the biography of him.

DOB- 19 July 1949 


Equcation and Work

Went to Sakela Secondary School, Khotang

Graduate in agriculture from Rajasthan College of Agriculture, India

Post-Grad in horticulture from Bath University, London

Served as an agricultural expert for Nepal government from 1972-1989 (was Nepal’s first seeds and agricultural equipment expert)

Served as international seed expert for United Nations’ Food and Agriculture Organization from 1989-1999 

Spouse- Subhadra Lama

Offsprigs- Suraj Rai and Manjil Rai

Analysing his Thoughts and Behaviour

Few years ago, he had given his interview to Dainik News Nepal. In that interview he was found sexually unsensetive and found passing lots of rough and hard to hear words. He revealed that he was married at the age of 13. Interviewer asked, " why at that early age?" "I was very eager to fulfil my sexual need and did the most of it even at the first night" Madan replied. 

Such kind of conversation are very common in his interview. He also says that he has already slept with girls from almost all around the world. This clarifies that he can not limit his sexual need and can even expose himself to any body for the fulfillment of that need.

No matter what the topic of discussion is, he never hesigate or set himself back to relate the topic with private body parts. Scholar says a person is just the reflection of his thoughts. I appreciate him talkig openly about sexual matters but the way of dealing with such topic should be proper.

Most of the viewers of his interview always support him for talking openly about such matter but no one is concerned about the culture and social structure of Nepalese society. Although he is agri-expert, he don't even think his words matters to the society. 

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Honoring his knowledge and expertise in the agricultural field many national and international concerns has recognized him but the dark side of his unconscious sexual feelings are recognized by none. 

He and his foundation (Subhadra Madan) once featured in the documentary made by Herne Katha fascinated lots of parents and they dreamed admiting their child in that institution. Now the documentry has been removed by the team.

He was also recognized by 4th major political party of Nepa, Rastriya Swotantra Party (RSP) as agriculture expert. It also published a notice expressing bad on the dark conduct done by Madan Rai.

Lets think once, how was the days of those children in that institute. He is just disclosed of his bad side. His psychological view on sexual health and relation is clear but this don't mean he is open to harash exceeding the moral turpitude. Offending the child right is punishable.

His hypersexuality behaviour, opinions on interview and past activities like mentioned above might be the reason behind this offense.

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