Hello Friends, I am again back with an exclusive content for you. In this article I will be sharing everything you need to know while going to VFS from Nepal. If you are applying for job abroad, or willing to get the visa, you need to visit VFS Global office in India. There is no any Visa Application Center in Nepal, so we Nepalese have to visit any VFS Global Office in India. Likewise, to apply for my friend's visa to Hungary I had been to VFS Global New Delhi in 13 November 2023. I will share each and every step to proceed and all the struggle that we made to make our work done.


There are many Offices of VFS Global in India but the most suitable and convenient VFS office for Nepalese would be the New Delhi VFS Global because, all the embassy are located in New Delhi as well. If you have to attend the interview in the embassy of your applying country along with the visa application then there is none another better option rather than the New Delhi.

We had booked an appointment for VFS Global for 14th November and an appointment for Embassy of Hungary for 15th November. If you are also applying for any European working Visa, you also have to do same. Your manpower company will book a consecutive appointment for you. If you are applying independently simply visit the VFS Global website and book an appointment for you. First day of appointment is for the VFS Global where you need to submit all the required document and second day appointment is for the embassy. The document you submitted at day first will be transferred to your embassy in the same day after your submission. When you visit the embassy next day you will find your document you have submitted last day in VFS Global.

What kind of document you have to submit for Visa Application varies according to the visa category and the country applying. You will find the document check list while booking an appointment. Taking about ourselves we had submitted following documents

Here is our document checklist,

Will be updated shortly..........................................................

In extra you have to bring the Visa Photo that must have 70% face of total size.

So friends, the overall environment of New Delhi is not so healthy, the air seems so foggy or the dusted so you need to take a good care of your health while staying there.


We analyzed the overall cost and time that we have to invest to make our work done and we concluded to reach Delhi by air because it seem more convenient, comfy and cost justified. The bus fare to New Delhi from Kathmandu ranges all around 4 thousand to 5 thousand excluding rest of your expenditure on foods and other stuffs. 

On the other hand the flight costs all around 11 thousand to 12 thousand for one way depending on the occupancy and seasons.

Hence we summed up with travelling by air and booked two way ticket for Kathmandu to New Delhi with costed 23 thousand per person. We got meal, a proper hospitality and safe flight by Nepal Airlines. If you also plan to go by air all you need to have is your citizenship but if you have your passport bring it for the shake of more conveniency. As I was just travelling for visiting and guiding my partner I only took my Nepali citizenship and travelled to India by air. 

The most important thing is that if you are going to India for VFS then you have to take both of your ID proof that is Passport and your citizenship or the voter ID. Its because when you leave your passport for visa approval in the embassy you have to have another ID proof in the airport, immigration and customs, so be aware of that. 

We had encountered a hard situation because some of our group member forget to take their alternative ID proof with themselves and they failed to board the airport with us. They were stuck there for more than 2 days. So any body reading this must be aware of this situation.

After Reaching New Delhi

We first exchanged Nepali Currency just outside the Indira Ghandi Airport. There were no Nepali currency exchange services inside the airport as like the Indian currency in Tribhuwan Int'l Airport. The exchange rate was so terrible. We exchanged 1000 NRS to 550 INR excluding all the taxes and the service charge. It was so expensive exchange.

If you walk through the ATM and thinking to withdraw money through ATM there in India, I would say don't do that. It costs you 100 INR charge each time you use the ATM. Its not less than shit. The better idea is exchanging money here from Nepal.

In order to reach the destination or the lodge where you have booking you can use the prepaid taxi. We had a booking in a hotel in Pahargunj. It is around 23 KM from airport. The prepaid taxi service agreed to go there for 12 hundred INR. (we had booked 2 taxi, one they said for 700 INR, since we we a lot we bargained to 12 hundred) 

The drivers were not so helping, we struggled a lot finding the exact hotel because the hotel was not properly registered in the google maps. The random street man helped us to reach the hotel and cure the shit drivers who were trying to leave us in the street rampantly.


I say the accommodation experience was not so good enough because they don't even offer free drinking water for their guest. You need to book a good hotel so that you can unnecessary difficulties. They don't let a guy and a girl to stay in a single room even if you are a brother and sister. HAHA they need the marital relationship to stay together, Dunno why but..... so plan as per this - they said it's delhi's rule.

However, I should say the area near by the Kournat Palace, Metro Station is so busy and full of garbage. What to do with that HAHA we are here for our work lets do it.

Doing VFS in Visa Application Centre

You can easily get the online taxi or the auto to reach the VFS center from where you live. The auto costed 30 per person to us. They will easily identify the location if you say "mujhe vfs ka office tak paucha do."

Its a very busy place. You don't need to reach the VFS so earlier. You just need to reach the office before 10 minutes of your appointment time. The guard will announce the VFS appointment time and you need to join the line. They don't let others to go inside the VFS except the applicant. But you can go up to the Starbucks.....if your bucks can afford the star....

After you enter the VFS office you don't need to bother yourself they took premium fees by themselves not just even asking to you and do all your work keeping you in the premium lounge.

Inside they took our biometrics. It took around 5 hours for us to complete the VFS. We billed and get out of the office. Did some breakfast walking ahead. The kulcha, or other all the dishes we ate was horrible. But we ate for the shake of our hunger.

Next Day

We had a interview next day i.e 15th November.  There are all embassy in a same place. You just need to ask auto driver to take to the embassy and he/she will get it for you. We paid 500 INR to auto to reach the embassy. 

I hope my experience can help you getting your work done. Thanks for reading the blog. Keep visiting Santosh's Blog.


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