The wait is finally over, the EPS Korean Exam for the Manufacturing sector is now open. Here in this article I will show how you can apply for EPS Korean Language Exam step by step.

EPS-TOPIK Korea Language Exam: Application Open for Manufacturing Jobs

The online application process for the EPS-TOPIK Korea Language Exam, specifically for the Manufacture Utpadan group, is now accessible to all interested individuals. This language test is a crucial step for those aspiring to work in manufacturing roles in the Republic of Korea under the Employment Permit System (EPS). The Ministry of Labour, Employment and Social Security, along with the Foreign Employment Department, has issued a significant notice for applicants, emphasizing the importance of properly filling out the application form for the Korean Language Test.

In adherence to the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) established between the Government of Nepal and the Ministry of Labor and Employment of the Republic of Korea, the Korean language proficiency test serves as a pivotal criterion for the selection of candidates to be employed in manufacturing positions in Korea.

For those eligible and interested in participating in the examination program, the HRD Service of Korea has requested that Nepali citizens register their application forms. The following details provide essential information for applicants regarding the examination process. The notice underscores the significance of this opportunity for Nepali citizens seeking employment in Korea under the EPS.

Apply Link: Click Here

Application Open and Close date: Poush 2 to Poush 6 (December 18 to December 22)

Total Workers Needed: 15848 Workers

What are the document required to apply?

Following are the documents that are required to apply for the EPS Korean Exam.

Passport Photo Upload

  •    Upload a JPG Image file of the passport photo page (bio page).
  •    Image specifications: Width 600 pixels, Up to 100KB in size.
  •    The photo should be scanned in color.

      Contact Information

      •    Provide your email address and mobile number when filling out the application form.

        MRP Photo Requirements

        •    Ensure both ears are visible in the photo.
        •    The photo should be taken for the application form, drawn within the last 3 months.
        •    Upload a colored photo with specifications: 100-300 pixels, JPG format, Up to 15KB in size.
        •    The photo should have a white background, show the upper chest, and you should not be wearing white cloth.

          Korean EPS TOPIK Utpadan Manufacturing Bhasha Parikshya Exam Routine

          Language Test (EPS-TOPIK, UBT Language Test, 1st Round)

          • Detailed information about the exam date will be released on Monday, 2080 Magh 22 (2024 Feb 05).
          • The examination is scheduled to be conducted in four shifts within a single day.

          Note: Examination schedules may be subject to change based on the number of applicants. In case of a higher number of applicants, the examination may be conducted in two stages—first and second.

          Skill Test (2nd Round)

          •    Results of the language test (EPS-TOPIK, UBT Language Test) will be published subsequently.
          Note: Only applicants who have excelled in the language test (EPS-TOPIK Language Test, 1st Round) in the relevant field will proceed to the skill test (Skill Test and Competency Test, 2nd Round), with selection based on the highest marks obtained.

          Who are Eligible for this Exam?

          Age Criteria

          • Nepali citizens aged between 18 to 39 years are eligible.
          • The date of birth should fall between 2040 Poush 4 and 2062 Poush 03 (1983 Dec 19 to 2005 Dec 18).

          Criminal Record

          •    Applicants should not have any criminal convictions.

          Legal Standing in Korea

          • Applicants should not have engaged in illegal activities in the Republic of Korea.
          • They should not have overstayed and should not have faced deportation from Korea.

          Previous Stay in Korea

          • Applicants should have stayed in Korea on E-9 and E-10 visas for less than five years.

          Health Considerations

          • Applicants with color blindness, color weakness, disk issues, or finger amputation are ineligible.

          Application Limit

          • Applicants should not have applied for the EPS-TOPIK exam in the year 2023.

          Korean Language Bhasa Test EPS-TOPIK questions Korean Language Bhasa Exam Question Model

          Reading- 20 Questions
          Listening- 20 Questions
          Full Marks 100
          Time: 50 Minutes

          Other Details

          Exam Venue

          The UBT Building, located in Bhaisepati, will host the exam in a shift system. One day prior to the exam, candidates are required to perform Biometric Registration at the EPS office in Gwarko and should arrive at the examination building at least 2 hours before the scheduled examination time.

          Exam Fee

          The examination fee is set at USD 28 (twenty-eight). Payment can be made only in Nepali rupees through online payment providers. The amount will be calculated based on the exchange rate set by Nepal Rastra Bank on the day before the applicant registers the form. Payment details can be found on the system during the form-filling stage.

          You can directly pay during the form fill up through Khalti Digital Wallet.

          EPS-TOPIK Exam Format

          The EPS-TOPIK will follow an objective multiple-choice evaluation format. There will be no break between the Reading and Listening tests; the evaluation will be continuous.

          Apply for EPS Korean Language Exam Step by Step Process

          Watch the Video From DOFE


          By following the above mentioned steps you can apply for the vacancy of manufacturing workers in Korea and participate in the EPS Korean Language Exam. If you have any questing regarding this vacancy simply head the comment section below.