Sandeep Lamichhane has registered his name in his Pakistan Super League (PSL) draft. Pakistan Super league is going to be start in coming February 13th 2024 if everything goes well. Hence the player drafting process is going rapidly and soon will auction begin. As popular Leg Sinner from Nepal Sandeep Lamichhane has registered his name in the platinum category and has been drafted he will be sold not less than 3 Crore in PSL 2024.


Chances of Being Sold

Neplease cricket players has gained a lot of exposure in last few month than ever before because it got chance to play with the big giants like India and Pakistan in recently concluded Asia and Emerging Cup. Nepal is now a 15th in the world ranking and Neplease players are making huge world records so the world cricket has taken Nepal so seriously this time. Lot of thing happened in few months, Nepal even qualified for the T20 world cup 2024 after 10 years and shown a good spirit of playing cricket in its home ground. 

The match held between Nepal and Pakistan has been praised well among the Pakistan Cricket Officials including the boundaries of Kushal Mall in Saheen Sha Afridi's bowl to boundaries of Arif, Gulshan and Sompal's performance. This will obviously show impact in PSL for sure.

  • The only leg-spinner Rashid Khan is insured and will not be able to play PSL 2024.
  • Sandeep Lamichhane has already played PSL 2021 from Lahore Kalander.
  • Sandeep is already in chat and contact with Lahore's officials.
Moreover, spinner Shadab, Adil Rashid has not registered yet, Hasharanga is not playing PSL this time, and Zampa has also not registered yet. This has also increased the chances of Sandeep Lamichhane to be sold out in PSL 2024.

Sandeep can be the important choice for any of the team in Pakistan Super League, he is in good pace and performed well, in the other hand there is not big choice for the PSL teams for leg-spinner in the absence of Rashid Khan.

If Sandeep Lamichhane  becomes available for 30 to 35 days then he have good chance of being sold if not available Sandeep will miss the PSL 2024.

Gulshan Jha has also registered his name in Diamond Category

Neplease all rounder Gulshan Jha has also high chance of being selected. As he has registered his name in the Diamond category, if he gets selected he will earn around 1 crore fore sure in just 30 to 35 days. His thrilling performance against UAE and latest performance with Oman has been engraved well in every one's mind. 


There are rumors that Kushal Malla, Sundeep Jora and other players are also in the process of drafting their names in PSL. 

About PSL 2024

Pakistan Super League PSL going to held in 2024 is the 9th season of Pakistan Super League. The Player drafting is going to be done in 13th of December in Lahore. The National Cricket Academy in Lahore will host the Pakistan Super League Player Draft 2024. As many as 254 foreign players have reportedly registered. According to rumors Netherlands and Australian reputed players like Warner, Maxwell, Head are going to register in PSL season 9.

When Will PSL 2024 held?

Pakistan Super League is going to held in Pakistan from 13th of February to 18th of March.

How many Auction Categories are their in Pakistan Super League PSL?

There are 5 categories in which a player can register his name. They are Platinum, Diamond, Gold, Silver, and Emerging.


Hence, till now only 2 palyers Sandeep Lamichhane and Gulshan Jha has registered their names in Pakistan Super League PSL. According to critics Dipendra Singh Aire, Kushal Mall and other Nepali Players will also register their in PSL draft.

Let's see what happen in the auction that is happening in 13th of  December. According to my opinion Sandeep Lamichhane has greater chances to be picked in PSL but Gulshan Jha has also another chance to show his another magnificent performance in 8th December. There is a U19 game between Nepal and Pakistan in 8th December and between Nepal and India in 12th of December. He will obviously be picked in PSL in 13th December if he performs well in those matches.

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