Hi dude and divas, I am presenting the 15 wardrobe tips for Nepali Students. If you are a college student or school student then you can follow the below-mentioned tips to improve your look and transform yourself into a professional one.

You will be able to know the principle of good looking and the limits of the styles for students that everybody expects from a student. Try following the wardrobe tips for Nepali Students that I have mentioned below.


Becoming fashionable is very necessary for itself because you can influence a lot of areas through your good wardrobe. Not only to others but your perfect wardrobe and fashion also help to motivate yourself. Think of a day you are presenting something in front of your colleagues in your classroom with an annoying dress-up. I know the shame and the feeling that comes from the inner you to hold down your potentials. 

You can perform well if your wear is compatible with you and your working areas. Hence maintaining a good style for a student is very necessary. Here I have mentioned 15 things that you can do to make yourself a good-looking student and practice assembling a business wardrobe.

15 Wardrobe Tips for Nepali Students

Here is the list of styles that a Nepali student can follow to establish his/herself as a professional one. When somebody maintains his/her style in an acceptable manner then it generates some kind of energy for him/herself. I have mentioned the 15 wardrobe tips for Nepali students. Go through them to improve your presence in front of your teacher, colleagues, and the whole community.

While going to college and university, you are not just learning the books that cover your syllabus, you are also learning to maintain business etiquette. It is very necessary to learn the utmost principles for business etiquette and assembling the business wardrobe

The Business wardrobe not only refers to the wardrobe that a business personality should follow. It refers to the professionalism of adopting the best and the professional wardrobe, fashion, and styles for your college, formal and informal programs, and around your workspace.

Choosing a Perfect Dress

  • Choose a well-tailored dress that fits well. Your dress does not have to be expensive, but it does have to fit and be appropriate for the school and school programs.
  • Choose colors that flatter your height, weight, skin tone, and style. Sales advisors in a good clothing store can help you choose a perfect dress. Select shoes that are comfortable enough for long days but neither too casual nor too dressy for the college and the other programs.

Cleanliness and Repair

  • You must keep your buttons, zippers, and hemlines in good repair. 
  • Keep all the dresses in a good place cleaning them after use.
  • Make sure the fabrics you wear are clean, are carefully pressed, and do not wrinkle easily.

Being Elegant and Refined

  • Choose form-fitting [but not skin-tight] clothing. Weare the clothes that are not swinging and flowing frills or fuzzy trimmings.
  • Choose muted tones and soft colors or classics, such as a dark blue shirt or a basic black dress.
  • If possible select a few classic pieces of jewelry {such as a string of pearl} for formal occasions.
  • Wear jackets that complement an outfit and lend an air of formality to your appearance. Avoid jackets with more than two tones because one color should dominate. This kind of fashion seems simple yet inspiring and formal too.

Adding Crispyness to Your Look

  • wear blouses or shirts that appear starched.
  • Choose closed-top button shirts or button-down shirt collars, higher neckline blouses, or long sleeves with french cuffs and cuff links.
  • Wear creased trousers or a longer skirt hemline.

Irrigating Your Dressup

  • Supplement your foundation with pieces that reflect the latest styles.
  • Add a few pieces in bold colors but wear them sparingly to avoid a garish appearance.
  • Embellish your look with the latest jewelry and hairstyles bu keep the overall effect looking professional.


I hope you loved the Wardrobe tips for Nepali students that Nepali students must follow to improve his/her presence in the community. Don't forget to leave a comment to give feedback on this article in the comment section. If you have more ideas on how we can be simple but stylish them you can also share them in the comment section below.

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