Hi Friends I am again back to inform you How to open DEMAT and Mero Share Accounts for Free in 2023 in Nepal. I had already shared with you how to open DEMAT, and Mero Share account in Nepal in my previous article. It was not free to Open the DEMAT and Mero Share accounts but today I am going to share with you how you can open your Bank account, DEMAT account, and Mero share account for free.


Open Free Bank Account, DEMAT, and Mero Share

Amongst the 23 Commercial Banks in Nepal NMB Bank is facilitating you with the free opening of your bank account, DEMAT account, and Mero Share account at the new registration then and then charges after the completion of 1 year.

What are the Facilities that NMB Bank is providing you free of any cost for 1 year?

  • Bank account at Zero deposit which most of the commercial and development banks provide.
  • Free ATM card and service for the first year.
  • Zero cost for the registration of the DEMAT account.
  • Mero Share account at Zero cost.
These all services are offered for the 1st year of registration.

What documents are required to open a Bank, DEMAT, and Mero Share accounts in NMB Bank LTD?

  • Citizenship photocopy
  • A passport-sized photograph
  • Bank Account opening form and DEMAT account opening form

How to open DEMAT and Mero Share Accounts for Free?

You can only open your DEMAT account after you open your Bank Account in NMB Bank. (in fact, this applies to all the banks) After you fill-up the form by visiting the nearest branch of NMB Bank or through the online registration, you need to wait till the date you get your a/c number messaged right on your cell phone.

After getting the account number (generally it takes 2-3 days, more days in case of public holidays) on your cell form, it means that your Bank account is created and you can visit the Branch of NMB Bank to collect your cheque book. It takes a few weeks to get the Debit card (ATM card).

You can now fill up the DEMAT account opening form without any documents as the needed document are already submitted to the bank at the time of your bank account opening. You can easily open your Mero Share account at the time of opening the DEMAT account just by marking in the option that you need a Mero Share account. 

Simplified steps you can follow:

  • Visit the bank and ask for the bank account opening form
  • Submit the form after filling it along with your citizenship photocopy and photo
  • Wait for the account number to arrive on your cell phone and visit the bank after it arrives.
  • Collect your cheque book and apply for the DEMAT and Mero Share account at that same visit.
  • Get your DEMAT and Mero Share Details and use them.

Video KYC and Online methods to Open an account in NMB Bank

Video KYC is the simplest and the shortest method that you can use to open a Bank account in NMB Bank. You can open a bank account, DEMAT account, and Mero Share account at the same time through the Video KYC method. 

You can open DEMAT and Mero Share Accounts for Free in NMB Bank through the Video KYC from your home by visiting the website of NMB Bank or visiting the nearest branch and asking to do Video KYC at the bank. The main advantage of doing video KYC is that you do not have to provide your passport-sized photo and the photocopy of your citizenship. But you need to show your original citizenship at the time of video KYC.

It is fast and free of any burden to fill up the long paper of forms.

You can also apply for a DEMAT account, and Mero Share Account through an online form by visiting the website of the NMB Bank. You can consider the article on Santosh's blog named How to Open Demat Account in Nepal Online?


It's my experience that I shared in this article How to open DEMAT and Mero Share Accounts for Free? I loved the service and support they provided to me after being a customer. Another thing is that NMB Bank is the only bank providing the free DEMAT and Mero Share accounts at the current time.

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