Internet is now one of the major necessities for everyone. We are always in search of the cheapest and fastest internet. If you are looking for the cheapest internet in Nepal then you are in right place. We will talk about CG Net which is also the fastest internet in Nepal.

We may already have internet in our home from one of the Internet Service Providers (ISP). But your search for the cheapest internet in Nepal ends here. We may be thinking of replacing the existing ISP due to various reasons. If you want to replace your ISP due to the higher rate then CG Net offers you the cheapest internet rate in Nepal among all the internet service providers.


CG Net internet Package

CG internet has two exciting packages for you. CG net offers you 120 Mbps and 50 Mbps packages which both are very attractive in price. 

Every time when we contact ISP to get internet service in our home they bother you talking about the wire charge, router charge, installation charge, and so on. CG Net offers you a collective and value-giving price at your first installation and monthly charges.

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50 Mbps Offer of CG Net

CG Net offers you 50 Mbps internet in Nepal at 649 for one month. You have to pay 4000 NRS at the first installation and 649 after one month for a dual-band router. If you wish to use a single-band router then it just costs 3000 NRS at the first installation. 

The installation charges and drop wire charges are free. If you buy 50 Mbps internet for more months then it becomes cheaper for you.

When you order 50 Mbps internet for 12 months then you can get a single band router for free. It will just cost 2500 NRS at the first installation if you take a dual-band router in a 12-month offer. If you go for a single-band router then it just costs 500 NRS in your 12-month order. The 500 is kept as a refundable deposit. When you don't wish to use the internet and roll back the service it is refunded to you.

CG Net takes 500 NRS as a refundable deposit in all the offers.

More details on 50 Mbps CG internet are given below in the table.

120 Mbps Offer of CG Net

120 Mbps internet only costs 999 NRs for one month. This is the cheapest internet rate in Nepal for 120 Mbps. Installation charge and drop wire is also free in 120 Mbps.

All the terms and conditions for refundable deposits and the router charges are similar to this offer. 


You can see all the details about the 120 Mbps internet price and charges in the above table.
All the prices are TSC inclusive and 13% vat applicable.

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Pros and Cons of CG Net

Although CG Net offers the cheapest internet in Nepal, it has some limitations. When we talk about the internet rate it comes first. The service and support are also good in this ISP.

The limited customers of Kathmandu valley will be able to enjoy this offer because it is only operating its service inside the valley. This is the major con of the CG Net. 

The rates and prices of CG Net are the best internet price in Nepal but it is limited within Kathmandu valley. If it could cover all of Nepal at this price then it would be very exciting for all the Nepali.

Many ISPs are operating outside the valley at a very expensive rate. Therefore there is the higher essence of CG net outside the valley. Hope it will extend its presence soon with the same price.

CG Net Vs Other ISP in Nepal

We are going to compare CG Net with other ISPs in terms of price in different packages. We already said Cg Net is the best internet in Nepal in terms of price. Let's compare the price of CG Net with other top internet service providers in Nepal.

Subisu also offers 50 Mbps internet, which is the second popular internet service provider in Nepal. It offers 50 Mbps at 956 per month, which is more than 300 Nrs expensive than CG Net.

Classic Tech and Techminds also offer 50 Mbps internet. If you go with Techminds then it will cost 18,000 NRS to you for a 1-year installation. It costs 1710 NRs for one month.

Classic Tech offers 50 Mbps internet to you at 1154 NRS per month. They have a good presence around Nepal but the CG net is limited in certain areas. If CG Net has a network in your locality then CG net provides you the best deal among all the internet service providers.

If there is no network of CG Net in your locality then Subisu can provide you the cheapest internet after CG Net in comparison to other ISPs.

The comparative price of 50 Mbps internet in Nepal is given below.

Note- Worldlink, Nepal Telecom, and Vianet are not included because they don't offer 50 Mbps internet.


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CG Net Vs Indian ISP Provider

We also tried to compare the price of CG net with an Indian internet service provider. We found that this is providing the cheapest internet in Nepal than Jio fiber in India. 

When we look at the price of Jio fiber, it offers 30 Mbps internet at 399 INR which is around 638 NRS. Jio is providing 30 Mbps at 638 NRS whereas CG Net is providing 50 Mbps at 649 NRS. 

What will be the best price than this? I think this is one of the exciting offers for internet users in Nepal.


Which is the cheapest internet service provider in Nepal?

CG Net is the cheapest internet service provider in Nepal. CG Net provides both 120 Mbps and 50 Mbps internet package at the least price among the ISPs in Nepal. Its 50 Mbps internet package just costs Rs 649 per month and the 120 Mbps internet package costs Rs 999 per month. 

Which is the fastest internet in Nepal?

Top internet service providers of Nepal like Worldlink and Subisu are known for the fastest internet service in Nepal. If you are going to choose CG Net concerning the cheapest budget it's not bad in internet speed. I experience a similar speed of internet in maximum fiber internet over Nepal.

This question remains unanswered because the internet speed of all the Internet Service Providers does not remain similar at all times. Sometimes it gives good results and sometimes it may slow. We need to choose the best internet concerning our budget and the sales and after-sales service of ISP.

It does not matter whether the internet becomes slow once a week or not. We must care about the post-service and support that the company tries to sort out the customer's problem.

Which internet is best in Nepal?

If you need the cheapest internet in Nepal then CG Net is the best. Not just the cheapest price it also gives you good speed and customer support. Subisu, Nepal Telecom, world link, Vianet, and Classic Tech are also known for their better performance in the market.

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