Hi friends, I am going to share a business idea, how you can start a mobile cover printing business in Nepal? This is one of the less integrated and high-profit generating businesses in Nepal. You can customize the normal mobile phone cover and supply it in the market for sale.


Most of us own a Smartphone and we love to keep our mobile phone covered to protect it from any kind of damage. Later, it would be ok for us to use any kind of mobile phone cover that is durable and good looking but now we love to use a customized mobile phone cover. Keeping this trend in your mind you can start a mobile cover printing business in Nepal.

Good Points of Mobile Cover Printing Business in Nepal

The mobile phone cover printing business has many things that could help you make success in the business even if you do not have huge capital to start any other business and enter the market. The main benefits of starting a mobile phone cover printing business are:
  • The demand for customized mobile phone covers is very high.
  • There is a large customer base.
  • You can find minimal risk in this business.
  • It does not need a huge investment.

Now, let's move topic wise how to start a mobile cover printing business.

How to Start a Mobile Cover Printing Business in Nepal?

I am going to analyze each and every pore of the mobile phone cover printing business in this article. You need to do some research, make a concrete plan, register a company, find the best printing press, and do some marketing and Promotions for your brand. 

Market Research

It is mandatory to do market research before starting any business. While doing market research you must study the demand, and supply privilege in the market. You must seek the answers to the following questions.

  • What kind of designs the market is waiting for?
  • What are the existing problems of the customers?
  • What strategies the competitors are applying?

You need to research the above-mentioned things. Think a while if you start your business without studying the market. What new thing will you provide to your customers if you are not aware of the customer's problem? How could you compete with the competitors if you don't even know about your competitors and their weakness?

Hence market research is a must. In this Mobile Cover Printing Business, you must find which design the market is loving the most and how you can add the new taste to it. If any group of customers is expecting any new design, you must dig out such information from the research.

The next crucial thing you should do in the market research is finding the way how your competitor is working in the market. 

Develop a Concrete Plan for Mobile Cover Printing Business

You must develop a concrete plan for your business after you collect adequate information about the market. Decide, either the way and strategy used by your competitor is applicable for the market condition or not. This will help you to sketch a perfect strategy for you.

You must complete financing planning, budget allocation, marketing, and sales strategy, and pricing in this step. One thing you must do is that you should always keep your competitor in your mind and add something new to your brand to meet the expectation of the customers.

You can start a mobile cover printing business with less capital in the beginning. For your branding choose a logo and name for your company. 

Mobile Cover Printing Company Registration

To legalize the mobile cover printing business you need to register your business in the concerned office. You can register your business in your municipality ward or the department of industries. 

You need your citizenship ID and passport-sized photographs for the registration. You need the land ownership certificate of your home if you are starting the business from your own home. If you are operating your business from the rental space then you need to show the land ownership certificate of your landlord and the rent agreement with your landlord.

You will get the certificate of the registration of your company. After this, you need to get the PAN number. PAN number is registered in the In Land department for taxation purposes. You can fill up your online form for the PAN registration. There is no trend for the physical form fill up.

You can acquire your PAN number within 10 to 20 minutes after you fill up the online form and go to the In Land Department. There your KYC details are taken and you will be given the PAN registration certificate.

Finding the Mobile Cover Printing Company

You registered your company and officially started it. But the issue is that you don't have any equipment to start a mobile cover printing business. Don't worry we are going to use any of the printing press companies available in our locality as our official printer agent until we don't be able to purchase the printing machines. 

You can search for the best printing company around your region which best matches your plan and the policy. You can use Google, Facebook, and personal contact to seek those companies. Actually, it is not a big issue to seek a mobile phone cover printing company.

After you find a list of mobile phone cover printing companies, get the quotation from them and compare all. Decide the best printing company.

Make a good deal with the company and decide the quality of the product of your brand with the printing company. Provide the design and talk all about the printing cost, and the volume.

Marketing and Sales of Customized Mobile Cover

The most challenging part of any business is marketing and sales. It is challenging in such meaning that there is already some leading business in the market of that product and you need to do something distinctive in the market to get the customers. 

The new thing always goes slow in the beginning. All the things that make you boss of your business is the way how you can introduce your product showing value to the customers in the market. Try being available to each and every corner of the city at first. Do marketing using digital platforms like social media. You can promote your customized mobile cover through different techniques.

Introducing the new design in the market always makes your business trendy and helps you to compete with your competitors. One thing you must do in the mobile cover printing business is that you must start an online shop on Facebook. Moreover, you can start an e-commerce website for your product. Customers love to purchase these kinds of products online.

Here are some of the marketing tips that you can apply to make your business marketing successful.

  • Make your business available on each and every social media like Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok. Promote your products in such places.
  • Establish the main shop in different cities if possible.
  • Seek the distributors of your product.
  • Sponsor the small programs and make your product visible to the audience.


Hope you love the customized mobile cover printing business idea. Comment in the comment box below if you have many things to add to this business idea. I wish you got the general idea to start a mobile cover printing business in Nepal. Thanks for reading the article till the end.

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