Hi beautiful soul, Here I am presenting the 5 best places to visit in Surkhet for a Couple. If you are an inhabitant of the Surkhet district or planning to visit Surkhet, then this article is going to be very helpful for you. Also, if you are on the way to visit Rara or Shey-Phokshundo and lodging in Surkhet for a while then you can enjoy a short day out and hangout in these places.


Although Surkhet is not a well-known tourist destination in Nepal, like Rara and Shey Phoksundo in the Karnali Province. This district is full of awe-inspiring sites that may really make your day. There lie many religious, historical, and archaeologically important places. 

I am not going to mention those types of places in this article. I am going to suggest those places which have created a trend and have become viral in the valley at their sessions. if you are in search of the best places to hangout in Surkhet for a couple then you are at the right place.

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Best Places to hangout in Surkhet for a Couple

I know a new couple is always in the search of the best place to hangout the holiday. They select the place in terms of peaceful environment, beautiful sceneries, well hospitality, and so on. Keeping all those things in mind I have presented the list of the 5 best places to visit in Surkhet for a couple

Many new places get introduced in the valley at different times. Here is the list of best places to hangout in Surkhet which will really make your day.

Tacoma - The Sports Restaurant

Tacoma Sports Restaurant could be your choice to enjoy a day with your loved ones. There is a swimming pool and a beautiful garden where you can enjoy dinner, breakfast or lunch. It lies near Radio Nepal. If you are in search of the best peaceful place to visit in Surkhet then the Tacoma Sports Restaurant could be the best choice for you.

To head to Tacoma you can simply catch an Auto-Rikshwa from Birendranagar. It may cost nearly 50 NRS to you. If you are having a bike ride then it may take just less than 10 minutes to head to Tacoma Sports Restuarant.

Tacoma Sports Restaurant Hall Entrance

DNP Hill

DNP Hill is also know as DNP Dada in Surkhet. It is very popular among young couples and students. The area of DNP hill seems busy during the morning and evening. People go there specially to make TikTok videos and capture the photos. As the scenery seems very interesting due to the installation of artistic lights in the roundly cropped plants, people love to be featured in the frame at that location.

If you are a couple and wishing to do something cinematic then it could be the best place to visit in Surkhet for you. It lies a little north of the Pipal Chautara of Surkhet.

Photo- Routine of Nepal Banda

Panorama Resort

This resort lies far from the mainstream of Surkhet. It lies in the Tatopani area of surkhet. To head to the Panorama Resort you need to catch the road which heads to Tatopani from Aeri Chowk. This is the best place to hangout in surkhet for couples.

It provides you the extra facilities of swing and swimming pool. Where you do not need to pay for the swing enjoyment. The water fountain in front of the Panorama Resort seems amazing. A couple can have a lot of fun there with delicious organic food and great fun instruments provided there.

Viral Road

The viral road is the best place to shoot photos and make TikTok videos. If you are a couple and seeking the best place to visit in Surkhet, then you can go to viral road with your loved one. This viral road lies between the plain land and seems very fascinating in the spring season when paddy is growing up.

To head to Viral road you need to go by the KankreBihar. There is nothing except the pitch road but it seems very beautiful in the morning and evening when everywhere is greenery and you are walking in the mid of the clean road. You will obviously feel the pleasure of walking together with your loved ones.

Viral Road Surkhet Drone View

Tharu Home Stay

Tharu homestay is the best place to enjoy your holiday with the organic foods and the culture of Tharus. Tharu community has established their homestay service in Surkhet valley to persuade the locals and the incoming tourists with their footing and lodging hospitality. 

Not only you can enjoy the Tharu food you can also enjoy the dance and the hospitality of the Tharu culture. Most of the Tharu homestay lies in the 9 number ward of Birendranagar sub-metropolitan city.

Moreover, you can enjoy visiting Bulbule lake, Deuti Bajai Temple, Kankre Bihar. I Suggested the 5 best places to visit in Surkhet for a couple in the above portion. Hope you loved the places. Details on these places are already covered by The Kathmandu Post you can check them on. 

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