There is a huge confusion that the online earning site Insvideopush Nepal is real or fake. Today I am going to do a very honest Insvideopush review. There is a very emerging trend of investing in Insvideopush in Nepal currently. If you are planning to invest in this network you must have to know in detail about this network. I am going to make you clear about Insvideopush whether you should invest in it or not?


Insvideopush Nepal is Real or Fake: Insvideopush Review

I did research about Insvideopush. I found a good level of interest and belief in Nepali people for Insvideopush. Everybody is fascinated by the easy online earning from the Insvideopush mobile app or website.

Before we think of online earning we must be clear that online earning is not a piece of bread. It's very hard to make satisfactory earnings online. On the other hand, we must only invest in that platform where we can find belief and legality otherwise we can fall into the law's burden too. 

About Insvideopush

Insvideopush is a Networking business that operates in a typical pyramid or Ponzi scheme system. It uses the method of paying the existing investors through the fund collected from new investors. There is no information regarding the owners and the operators of Insvideopush. 

Insvideopush allows users to earn money doing social media tasks. Liking social media posts is an example of Insvideopush tasks. Although you can earn money in VIP0 membership, you must purchase at least VIP1 membership to withdraw the earning which costs around NRS 18,000.

It has a different membership plan. The speed of earning speeds up with an upper-level VIP plan. For example- You can only earn 0.33 dollars per task in a VIP0 membership whereas you can earn 1.39 dollars per task in a VIP1 membership. It increases with the increase in VIP membership.

You are given only 3 tasks in 24 hours. You have to complete the tasks to earn money online from Insvideopush.

Is Insvideopush Real or Fake? 

Yes, Insvideopush is Real but it has no real existence. We don't know where is the website from and who runs it. It is true that we can earn money online from Insvideopush but your investment's return is not guaranteed. It may collapse at any time.

Since Insvideopush is based on a typical pyramid and Ponzi scheme, Insvideopush is recognized as an illegal platform by the Constitution of Nepal. NRB's policy and the other laws highly restrict the Network Marketing Business in Nepal. 

There are a lot of warnings published by NRB to aware who are investing in such Network Marketing businesses as Insvideopush.  

 These kinds of websites like Hyperfund, Unifixdate, Hyperblush have already entered this field and anybody doesn't know where they are now. You can read different news published by reputed media on action taken by NRB against the Network Marketing and Hyperfund.

NRB has published a clear notice regarding the illegality of  Crypto and Network Marketing. Trading cryptocurrency and Network Marketing in Nepal is illegal.

How Insvideopush Works?

We can know if Insvideopush Nepal is real or fake by analyzing its working principles. Insvideopush is based on Network Marketing. We can also say it as a Ponzi Scheme. One who gets registered in this network has to gather its offspring investors to make money online. When anyone brings new investors then he/she can get a certain percentage of commission from the investor's investment.

Investors have to work continuously to gather new investors to earn money from Insvideopush. When a new user signs up to Insvideopush then he/she gets 130 dollars reward. If he/she uses someone's referral code. 

The reward is given to the new users to persuade for VIP membership. Insvideopush is worthless without the purchase of a VIP membership. We cannot withdraw money without purchasing a VIP membership of at least VIP1. 

You have to pay around 258 dollars for a VIP 1 membership. I think the reward of 130 dollars is given to persuade for the membership but it is not sufficient to purchase even VIP 1. You have to invest around 18,000 NRS extra from your pocket to purchase the VIP membership.

You must use Binance to purchase the VIP membership and withdraw earnings from the Insvideopush. Look! Binance is a Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency trading app. Involving in any activities related to cryptocurrency is punishable according to NRB.

Should we invest in Insvideopush?

I don't recommend you to invest in such platforms that are prohibited by the nation. Although people are getting good returns, in the beginning. This kind of website can be collapsed at any time. If you invest today and you did not find the existence of Insvideopush the next day what would you do? You can not even register to complain in the police station about that because it is completely prohibited by law that you can not involve in Network Marketing platforms.

If you have already known Insvideopush is real or fake and about its legality in Nepal then you can easily determine should you invest in Insvideopush or not

Why you should not invest in Insvideopush?

  • You cannot find the app of Insvideopush in google play store and the App Store. You have to download the apk file from its website. It proves that it is not a verified app. Apps only get verification from google if they are following the legal rules and paths.
  • The website of Insvideopush looks very unprofessional. I don't think a genuine platform owns this kind of unprofessional website.
  • Insvideopush does not provide any kind of information about the owner of the website.
  • They do not have any social existence. You can not find Insvideopush on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.
  • Insvideopush is a network marketing business that is legally restricted in Nepal.
  • It works with the Binance app. Binance is a Crypto Trading app and trading Crypto is not legal in Nepal.
  • There is no guarantee of your investment. It may collapse at any time.

Can we Withdraw Earnings from Insvideopush?

Yes, we can earn and withdraw the earnings from the Insvideopush. We have to use the Binance app to withdraw our earnings from the Insvideopush. Many Nepalese people are earning and withdrawing their earnings from Insvideopush. It is proven that we can withdraw money from Insvideopush using the Binance app.


You may find a lot of videos on Youtube that many YouTubers are talking about the benefits of investing in Insvideopush but the decision is yours. I hope you are clear on Insvideopush Nepal is real or fake. I hope you are pretty much sure that Insvideopush is good for investment or not after reading this article. At last, I want to say that Insvideopush is real but it has regal restrictions. No one can say what will happen to Insvideopush in the upcoming days.

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